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Will iPhone 8 have Edge-to-Edge Screen?

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Tata Davis

June 12, 2016 (Updated: June 29, 2020)• Filed to: iPhone 7 Issues

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While there are innumerable rumours about the looks and features of yet-to-be-announced iPhone 8, one of them that we’d like to turn true is the new iPhone having an edge-to-edge screen.

It is being said that Apple will eliminate the antenna bands on the rear, and the new iPhone 8 will have aluminium chassis. Also, to make the iPhone 8 edge sleeker, Apple will relocate the speaker to the bottom and the notifications will now be shown on the curved display, just like the Samsung S7 Edge.

One of the major reasons due to which this rumour can actually be true is the fact that Apple as actually got new patents for curved screen. But the curve in the new iPhone 8 Edge will be very discrete and Apple might make use of resilient aluminium to ensure that there are no bendgate problems in the edge-to-edge display.

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There are some rumours making rounds that suggest that it is Samsung that is actually helping Apple with this new edge-to-edge OLED display. Apple still uses TFT-LCD displays in iPhone’s, but the Apple Watches already have flexible OLED displays. And if we look at how Apple like to expand its new features across all the products, it is possible that Apple might try to incorporate OLED screen in iPhone 8 as well.

Sonavation, a biometric research and development company announced earlier this year that they have been successfully able to develop and bond an ultrasound biometric sensor to offer HD fingerprint image, and this sensor is compatible with corning gorilla glass as well. Apple is known to use gorilla glass in its iPhone, and this new technology can allow Apple to create vertically edge-to-edge displays that will not have any cut-outs for the Home button. JUST LIKE THE KEYBOARD, THE Home button will appear only when required.

iPhone 8 Edge vs. Samsung S7 Edge

While Samsung was known to design high-end phones but the looks of their phones was not something that the brand was known for. On the other hand, iPhone were always known for their premium looks. But with the launch of S6, Samsung has not only reduced the hardware gap between them and iPhone’s, but they have also worked on the design of their phone and have been able to create classy looking handset in the form of S6 and S7. As a result, there is great pressure on Apple to create something unique and premium with iPhone 8.

Also, Samsung has been able to master Super AMOLED Technology in S7 whereas iPhone still have the old TFT-LCD screens. Again, Apple needs to do something about this to maintain their image in the market.

iphone 7 edge to edge

If we talk about the processor, Samsung S7 Edge uses a powerful Exynos 8890 CPU which has a RAM of 4GB. This processor can easily bet Apple’s A9 processor. The only way to beat S7 now is to launch the new A10 processor as soon as possible.

All in all, Apple iPhone 8 will not just be a new release from Apple, but will be an attempt by the brand to retake their crown from Samsung. But Samsung has really worked hard on the S7 and Apple will be required to work harder to ensure that their iPhone 8 is able to keep up with the image of the brand.

More about iPhone 8 Edge

While you can already find a number of videos on YouTube about the iPhone 8 edge-to-edge screen, one of the most impressive one is by Hasan Kaymak, who has illustrated multiple concepts of iPhone 8. The video demonstrates a number of changes that Apple can make in its new iPhone 8 Edge. With the help of this video, you will be able to understand how Apple will incorporate edge-to-edge screen in the new iPhone 8 and how this change will affect different features of the phone. If you are just as impressed as us with the idea of iPhone 8 having edge-to-edge screen, make sure that you watch this video!

Amid all these rumours about iPhone 8, the only thing that is confirmed is the fact that Apple needs to work hard in every single department of the new iPhone 8 to ensure that the brand is able to maintain their premium image in the market.

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