iPhone 8 A11 Processor: Faster than Faster!

When it comes to opening large files, texting, multi-tasking and playing HD videos, Apple has always triumphed over the Android CPU in terms of performance, software parity and efficiency. Why? How can a device with an average of 2GB RAM perform better than one with an average of 4-6GB RAM?

The reason for this is because unlike Android, Apple designs both its operating system and its processor and can integrate both to work perfectly.

If iPhones can be so efficient with older processors, what will happen when the iPhone 8 is released with the 2017 A11 processor?

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Features and Performance of the iPhone 8 A11 Processor

It is no longer news that TSMC is developing the A11 processor for the much awaited iPhone 8 using the same fin filed-effect transistor process that iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and iPad Pro series use.

It is expected that when available in the fall, the amazing iOS processor would be a significant improvement on the existing 64-bit A10 processor in terms of CPU performance, speed and Graphics. Of course we all know that speed is a major advantage iOS apps have over android apps.

iPhone 8 A11 Processor: 20% increase in speed and over 40% decrease in power consumption

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) affirmed that A11 is built with a 10-nanometer technology. This means a 20% increase in speed and over 40% decrease in power consumption. We expect that the transition to 10 nanometers would most likely mean that the A11 would have more features and functionality than its predecessor.

iPhone 8 A11 Processor is also expected to be faster than the A10 and A10X as well.
This is not surprising because from antecedent, the new processor is usually a better version of the previous chip in terms of power consumption, CPU and Graphics performance.

Fillers from many quarters suggest that TSMC is poised to make 100 million of the A11chip this year. Will that number be sufficient enough for iPhone 8 if Apple decides to release it this year? Will the company rake in as much profit with the iPhone 8 like it did with iPhone 7? These and more questions flood the minds of iPhone enthusiasts.

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A11 Fusion for iPhone 8: Test Scores

The A11 Fusion for iPhone 8 has already been put through Geekbench test and the result is mind-blowing. It scored over 4537 points in the Single core and about 89000 points in the Multi-core test.

The score is quite impressive compared to those of the Snapdragon 835 of Samsung Galaxy S8 which scored about 2059 and 6460 in the single and multi-core tests respectively. It even performed better than the A10 processor with 3505 and 5919 in both tests.

There has been some insight into the performance of the chip. It is being speculated that, the iPhone 8 A11 will also be running on a quad-core processor just like the A10 and would be powered by two high-performing cores running at 2.74GHz and two other energy cores to perform all kinds of tasks.

The trend has always been that the iPad version of the A series chip would have a better CPU performance on a core-to-core than its iPhone counter. For example, the A10X chip was better, and even had more cores than the A10. People wonder whether the A11 would maintain the status quo or change it.

Apple Tenth Anniversary: New Version of Processor?

This year 2017 came with a lot of hopes. Apple lovers had predicted by their tenth anniversary, Apple would release a new version of its Processor. Apple was set to do just that. As a matter of fact, Apple designed the layout of the Chip and outsourced the fabrication of its component to TSMC.

If everything went as planned, TSMC would have produced the A11 Fusion processor in April 2017. This didn’t happen because of the back-end process issues. According to ‘Digitimes’, those issues have been resolved and the A11 Processor would soon be released.

TMSC started mass production of the iPhone 8 Processor in June 2017 which would also be compatible with iPhone 7.

We do not know when exactly the iPhone 8 would be released. There are rumors that the device will come with a 3GB RAM and will only be available between October and November. Howbeit, we believe that the iPhone 8 would be faster and more efficient than the iPhone 7. They would be a further improvement on the intuitiveness of ‘Siri’ and data security would not be compromised.

Learn How to Correctly Deal with your Old iPhone, If Want to Change to the New iPhone 8

Although all we hear are mere rumors and speculations, it is pertinent that all iPhone lovers brace up for the iPhone 8 and its A11 quad-core processor. Performance, storage and memory capacity as well as speed are a major concern for iPhone users and the reason for poor performance can be traced to the processor. If the test results are were not doctored, iPhone users have nothing to worry in terms of performance and power consumption.

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