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iPhone X Prototype Shows New iPhone Display

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August 22, 2017 (Updated: June 24, 2020锛

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All the world are guessing the features of iPhone 8. Most of the features are realized, but not on iPhone 8, instead, on iPhone X, which is created to celebrate Apple's 10th anniversary. With each new dummy, clone or prototype release, however, it can be said that the new iPhone X is going to be a deviation from the other iPhone designs.

iPhone X Prototype Rumors

With the release date getting closer, there are so many rumors pouring in as to what to expect from the latest iPhone version. Prototypes are usually designed to get an idea of dimensions, feel and casing. The iPhone X prototype is no exception. Some of the rumors about the iPhone prototypes that have gotten enthusiast eager for its release include:

1 Absence of a Physical Home Button

From what has been seen from the iPhone X prototype, there is an absence of the home button that characterizes previous versions. In its place will be a digital button sensitive to touch on the screen. This will transform the whole front to just screen, leaving just a little part at the top for the front sensor.
The worry with this new design is the location of the touch ID. There is a lot of speculations about what is to become of the Touch ID feature. Some people believe that it will be at the back of the phone as there is in Samsung phones. Others are of the view that it will be incorporated with the power button which is somewhat longer (another curious feature). There is also the possibility that there will be no touch ID in this version, and instead, that feature will be replaced by Face ID. From the looks of it, not everyone is comfortable with these rumors. There are concerns that Face ID may not be as secure as the touch ID feature. Perhaps this feature will be received better if there are 3D identification features in place to differentiate pictures from actual face. It will be even more preferred if there was a Touch ID in the display assembly.
iphone X

2 Back Vertical Camera

Another feature that has got a lot of mixed reactions from enthusiast is the back vertical camera. This new angle is also a deviation from the usual horizontal camera that comes with the iPhone. So many people are not so receptive of this feature. If given time though, they may get used to it. It is not known yet if there will be any improvement on camera quality given the new design. Speculations, however, show there might be no significant change. There is a little more distance between dual cameras at the back. There may be some infrared technology that detects depth and location of objects.
iphone X camera

3 Larger Display Screen

With no home button and obstructive frontal features, it turns out the iPhone X prototype shows all screen. Compared to the iPhone 7, it is smaller. But unlike the iPhone 7 that has 5.5 screen display, the iPhone X prototype shows a 5.8 screen display. So much more for a smaller phone. The increased screen display may, in fact, a feature enthusiasts are happy to see.
iphone X image

Whether or Not to Get a New iPhone X

There have been a lot of mixed reactions to the rumors shrouding the anticipated latest release from Apple. It makes you wonder if it will be market worthy or not. First, it is rumored to be in a whole different price range from previous versions. The reason attributed to the new features and expensive materials used in making these features and design. Will the new design and added features compensate for the exuberant price, we are yet to find out?

If you are interested in using an iPhone with an OLED screen, a larger display screen, a possible 3D camera, sleek look and comfortable feel, then you should get the iPhone X.

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