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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything You Need to Know!

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Aaron Donald

August 29, 2017 (Updated: June 24, 2020)• Filed to: iPhone 8 Issues

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Question: I heard that the iPhone X is going to be released soon but I’m considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S8, should I buy now or wait for Apple?

We’re all on the edge of our chairs waiting for the upcoming release of the iPhone X (which although hasn’t actually been announced, is a mouth-watering thought). Only days ago, we saw the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so a lot of people are hoping to see the iPhone X make an appearance soon enough.

But, because of the fact that the iPhone X hasn’t been announced yet, many people are wondering whether they should purchase a new mobile now (perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S8) or wait until the release. So, in this article, we’re going to be helping you to make that decision.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone X

Below we have put together a table which depicts some of the main features of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone X which you want to look out for when purchasing a new phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Apple iPhone X
Operating System
Android 7.0
5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31 inches
5.65 x 2.80 x 0.30 inches
System Chip
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998
Super AMOLED Display
Curved OLED
ID Features
Iris & Fingerprint Scanner
Fingerprint Scanner
Water & Dust Resistance
Water & Dust Resistance
4 GB
3 GB
Built-in Storage
64 GB
256 GB
Wireless Charging
Data Speed
150 Mbit/s
42.4 Mbit/s

Given that not a lot of information is known about the iPhone X at this moment in time, it’s difficult to make an accurate comparison. However, these are some of the most important details that should be considered when purchasing a new mobile phone and fortunately, the details above have been confirmed.

Much More Detailed Comparison: iPhone X vs Galaxy S8

Now that we’ve shown you some of the eye-catching features that both phones have to offer, it’s time to pick out some of these features and discuss how they impact each mobile phone.

1 Fingerprint Sensor

It’s expected for mobile phones to come equipped with a fingerprint scanner nowadays. Apple was the first to adopt this idea and Samsung followed closely behind. However, Samsung is taking a huge step forward and their Galaxy S8 includes an “Iris Scanner” which can be used to unlock your phone using your eye.

However, Apple is said to be working on a similar feature and there is speculation that facial recognition will be used to unlock the iPhone X.

iphone X face ID

2 RAM and Performance

If you’re not a very tech-savvy person then understanding the role that RAM plays won’t make a lot of sense. So, without getting too complicated, more RAM means a faster mobile phone.

The iPhone X is set to be equipped with 3GB of RAM while the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set with 4GB of RAM. Now, of course, this isn’t the only thing to factor into how well a piece of technology performs (and some people might not even notice a difference), but it is still one of the main things to consider when it comes to performance.

5 Camera

Gamaxy S8: You'll find a 12-megapixel sensor that is supposed to bring more light and improve picture quality in low-light conditions. In addition, the Galaxy S8's camera applies dual-pixel technology which can focus more quickly on your target.


iPhone X: It's similar to iPhone X. iPhone X should retain the dual-lens camera. Besides, escapes have shown that iPhone X will have a vertical camera lined up instead of the horizontal shooter lined up.


4 Battery Life

This is one factor which will make the decision for a lot of people. After all, without a decent battery life then how are you supposed to spend all day browsing the web? The Samsung Galaxy S8 is fitted with a 3,000mAH battery and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is fitted with a 3,500mAH battery.

In other words, they are fitted with pretty powerful batteries. That being said, Apple has a history of one-upping Samsung when it comes to battery life so it’s expected that this will be the case with the iPhone X.

A study showed that upon release, the iPhone 7 Plus had a much longer lasting battery than the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – but not the Samsung Galaxy S8.

5 AI Assistant: Siri vs. Bixby

Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung device to the new personal assistant, Bixby. The challenge is that while Bixby can do some of the things you'd expect from a virtual assistant, including reminders, the ability to set up your alarm clock and create events, your billboard features remain in beta.


Apple is continually making Siri smarter, and we're getting an early lead on it with the beta version of iOS 11. Siri's voice now is a little more natural. Siri has acquired skills such as the ability to translate into five different languages. Siri will be integrated with more 3ird-party apps when iOS 11 is finalized for the iPhone X this fall.


iPhone X Siri still has his whims, but until Bixby's voice performs more consistently. Siri is still the top choice.

6 Price

Perhaps it’s unfair to compare the price of both mobile phones since the iPhone X hasn’t had a price revealed yet, but several reports (and a lot of speculation) has indicated that the iPhone X is going to cost at least $1,000 (possibly more!). With the Samsung Galaxy S8 costing $750, this is a huge price difference.

If you’re going for performance, with consideration to the RAM and the storage capacity, wait for the iPhone X. If you want to save yourself money, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is for you.

To Conclude…

Reiterating what we previously said, it might seem difficult to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X at this point due to the lack of details which have been released by Apple. However, the best idea would be to wait for Apple before you buy a new phone. Samsung has been releasing a lot of new ideas recently and it’s only natural that in due time, Apple will be revealing what their plans are for the iPhone X.

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