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The Most Accurate and Final Details for Apple iPhone X

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Aaron Donald

August 28, 2017 (Updated: September 13, 2017锛

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The iPhone X is one of the most hotly anticipated iPhones to date. Lots of people want one and it isn't even out yet. Naturally, this means that there are tons of rumors and leaks concerning the iPhone X. Which ones are true and which ones are dubious, though? Let's look at some of the more accurate leaks that have surfaced about the iPhone X.

iPhone X come

The Most Accurate Leaks for iPhone X: Final Features Confirmed

Even this list here is not totally comprehensive, but it highlights the final features that are confirmed to be part of the iPhone X's design. Let's take a look.

1. Vertical Dual Rear Cameras

Vertical Dual Rear Cameras and a Front Camera That Will Support Facial Recognition

The iPhone X will come with two vertical dual rear cameras that protrude from the back of the case. It's possible that these cameras will have better resolution than that of previous models.

The iPhone X will also have a high-quality front camera that will employ the iPhone's new facial recognition technology. This camera will have a 3D sensor. Efforts to improve the facial recognition software are ongoing.

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iPhone X camera

2. 3 GB of RAM

Like the iPhone 7s Plus, the iPhone X will have 3 GB of RAM, which will enhance the phone's multi-tasking capabilities. Transfer speed of the RAM will also be improved in anticipation of Augmented Reality applications.

3. Larger Screen and No More Physical Home Button

In favor of bigger screen real estate, the home button was removed. The iPhone X will feature the largest screen-to-chassis ratio of any smart phone on the market, and there will no longer be physical buttons on the front of the phone.

The screen will be 5.8 inches and will feature OLED technology. The new versions of the iPhone 7s and 7 Plus, which will probably be released at the same time as the iPhone X, will have typical LCD screens.

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4. The iPhone X Will Come in 64 GB and 256 GB Storage Models

Unlike the iPhone 7 line, there will be no iPhone X with 128 GB of built-in storage. Only a 64 GB and more expensive 256 GB version will be released.

5. iPhone X Will Be Capable of Wireless Charging

While the iPhone X is capable of wireless charging, it will require a separate accessory that does not come with the iPhone itself. Either way, the iPhone X can still be charged through the Lightning port, just as with the iPhone 7 line of phones.

iPhone X Wireless Charging

6. Artificial Intelligence Engine

A new software engine called the Apple Neural Engine that employs advanced AI may be used to make certain features more efficient. For example, it may help run the ProMotion feature (which controls the refresh rate on the device and changes it depending on conditions).

iPhone 8 Artificial Intelligence Engine

7. There is No More Touch ID

Since the iPhone will be using facial recognition to help users sign into their accounts easily, Touch ID was completely removed from the iPhone X. The back of the phone will be flat, except for the dual cameras.

But it reveals that Face ID will replace Touch ID to unlock the phone.
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No More Touch ID

8. AirPods Only: Headphone Jack Will Not Make a Comeback

In spite of a negative consumer reaction to the disappearance of the headphone jack in the last generation of iPhones, the iPhone X will not include a 35mm headphone jack, either. Instead, users will have to use Airpods or buy an adapter that will allow them to listen with traditional headphones.

On the iPhone 7 line, this meant that one could not charge ones phone while listening to music on traditional headphones, since the special adapter made use of the charging port. However, since the iPhone X will have wireless charging, it may be possible to listen to music while charging ones phone again. This will depend on how the wireless charging mechanism will work.

Conclusion: Final Features Confirmed

There are many rumors out there about the new iPhone X, some of them conflicting. Above are the features that have been confirmed by several sources. Of course, we'll all know for sure when the new iPhone X comes out (probably in September).

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