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Data Disappeared from Your iPhone? Find a Solution Here!

Check out this ultimate guide to retrieving data that has disappeared from your iPhone, and learn how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What Causes iPhone Data to Disappear?

Missing data could be caused by different issues, or it could just happen for no reason at all.

Apple makes changes in the system via iOS updates, and it is pretty common for users to lose contacts, photos, notes and more after an iOS update.

Restoring a backup to your iPhone is another frequent cause. It changes and overwrites the data and alters the settings on your iPhone.

Do you know that iOS and other apps will clean data automatically in a bid to free up storage? But, it can also cause unnecessary data loss.

If you turn on iCloud sync for contacts, notes, photos or others and delete data from one device, data on the other device using the same ID will also be deleted.

One day you might wake up and just find valuable data has disappeared from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, for no reason at all.

No Matter What Data Disappeared from Your iPhone, Just Recover It

Contacts Notes Files Text Messages Voice Memos Notes App Photos Music App Store Safari Bookmarks Certain Apps

Have You Noticed Some Settings Have Gone Missing, Too?

Other than files or apps disappearing which is easy to notice, sometimes your settings and functions can mysteriously disappear as well without your noticing. When that happens, your iPhone鈥檚 performance can be seriously affected. Now, you get solutions to find them back.

Like we've already touched on, iOS updates are the number one reason for data disappearing from your iPhone. Thousands of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users complain that they lost notes, text messages, contacts, music and photos after updating their device. This covers all of the iOS versions, including the iOS 11.4. Here are some solutions to solve the issue.

Data Disappeared Following an iOS Update?

Data disappearing after iOS update is common. Now you can rescue them easily.

Solutions to Data Disappearing from Your iPhone

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iMyFone D-Back
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Data Still Missing? Repair it!
iMyFone iOS System Recovery
iMyFone iOS System Recovery
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