How to deal with iPad error 39? If you are enquiring this very question to anyone or to yourself and looking for some solution to rectify the issue, you’ve jumped on the right site. iPad error 39 usually occurs when you aim to sync the iPad with iTunes. Also, while updating or upgrading iDevices to iOS 11, you are likely to face this error. This article will let you come across with various easy and simple fixes. Take a look now.

update iTunes

1. Update iTunes and Computer System

Usually, you face some of the errors occur due to outdated iTunes or Computer’s Operating System. If you face any error, you must ensure that your iTunes software and Computer’s Operating System is up to date. Here we take Windows computer as an example.

To check the latest updates for the iTunes version you have, open your iTunes application and look at the top of iTunes’ menu bar you’ll see an option of “Help”. Hit it and subsequently click on “Check for Updates”.

update iTunes

To update your Windows Operating System, go to Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Windows Update>Check for updates.

update Windows

2. Check Security Software

iPad error 39 may also occur due to some hindrance from your security software. Check if your firewall or any other security software is preventing the connection between iTunes and Apple servers to get established. If yes, you are then required to add iTunes to the white-list of your Firewall Security. Here’s how to do it.

  • Hit Start button (Microsoft Logo) at bottom left corner and type in “Windows Firewall” into the Search box.
  • Hit on the “Allow an app through Windows Firewall” from the results.
  • From the coming window, you see a list of all the allowed applications. Tap on Change Settings button to add iTunes to the white-list.
  • You are now required to click on “Allow another app”, a box will come up and then hit “Browse”. Navigate to your iTunes Application files and click Open > Add > Ok.

Allow an app through Windows Firewall

You’re done. Hopefully now you are not facing iPad error 39 now.

3. Solve iPad Error 39 without Data Loss

When the above solutions didn’t prove good, here is a better solution to fix iPad error 39. Try iMyFone iOS System Recovery to get rid of the problem. The software is professional and specialized in resolving iOS problems. Be fully confident on iMyFone and leave the rest on it. Let’s learn the features of this iOS System Recovery software.

Features of iMyFone iOS System Recovery

  • The software is intelligent enough to repair various kinds of issue an iOS device can get. Some examples include iDevice gets stuck in recovery mode, white/black screen of death, freezes etc.
  • Losing important data from iPhone can be more than a devastating situation for anyone. But with this software, there’s no danger of it. This software takes good care of your data.
  • This entirely secure software fully protects the personal data and makes sure of not getting them disclosed.
  • This easy-to-use software helps you effortlessly without any requirement of special technical knowledge.

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Step Guide to fix iPad Error 39

Launch the Software

Firstly, download, secondly install and finally launch iMyFone on the computer. Then hit “Start” and make connection between the computer and the device via USB cable. Click “Start” option appearing on the screen.

start to fix iPad

Choose and Download Firmware

You need to download the most recent firmware version for your OS. Hit on “Download” and your device will get latest OS version. This process is going to take some time.

Download Firmware

Fix iOS System

As soon as you download the latest firmware, iMyFone will initiate repairing iOS device and you will be able to get out of the issue. The device will restart after it.

Fixing is done

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4. Delete Photo Cache Folders

Caches can also be a reason behind the iPad’s error 39. Let’s get to know how to remove photo cache folders on both Mac and Windows Operating System.


  • Select “Go” from the finder menu and click “Home”.
  • Look for iPhoto library or Photos or Aperture Library file in the pictures folder.
  • Right Click on the file and click on “Show Package Contents
  • Drag the required photo cache folder to trash, for instance, in this case drop the iPad photo cache folder to trash.


  • Tap on the Start button (Microsoft logo) at the bottom left corner of your screen or the Windows key. Type in “iPad Photo Cache” and hit “Enter” button on your Keyboard.
  • Right click on the iPad Photo Cache folder and click on “Delete” option.

That’s it! You’re done.

Remember, do not to make changes or delete any other file, this may lead to either data loss or may corrupt your whole photo library.

5. Restore Your iPad

Supposedly, if any of the measures prove futile, the final measure to fix your iPad error 39 would be to restore you iPad. This process will remove all settings and user data including photos, videos, contacts, music etc. Please perform a backup and save that backup to any external storage device (PC or laptop) prior to moving any further.

Restore your iPad with iTunes:

  • Open iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer.
  • Choose the device which you have connected. In this case select iPad, when prompted.
  • Under Summary panel hit on Restore tab.
  • On completion, your device will automatically reboot. And the iPad error 39 will be sorted thereafter.

Restore Your iPad