Hi, there is an unknown error -3212 appearing on my PC whenever I try to connect to the iTunes store. Please tell me why I'm unable to connect to iTunes store and getting this iTunes error -3212? Also if you have any suggestions, please help me. Thanks!

Working with iTunes is sometimes not a easy process. Executing the processes with iTunes like restoring or updating sometimes don't go smoothly and make people annoyed by popping up different error codes. This time, the users have shared the problem of iTunes error -3212 which occurs when they are opening the iTunes Store. Let's find out what could be the reasons that trigger this problem and how one can solve it.

iTunes error -3212

Causes of iTunes Error -3212

These are the possible reasons when you get the message, "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (-3212)" on your screen.

  • Inactive network connection.
  • A corrupt downloading or unfinished installation of iTunes can be one of the potential reasons.
  • When Windows system or iTunes-related programs get infected with virus or malware.
  • Corrupted Windows registry due to a recent download or installation of any software may result in this error -3212.
  • When iTunes related files get deleted accidentally or because of malicious programs, it might also lead to this error.

There are several different reasons that result in the errors such as 'Error -3212'. We would like to tell you some tips to fix the problem.

4 Tips to Fix iTunes Error -3212

1. Check Network Connection

Make sure that your WiFi connection is good and the network speed is active. If not, just change a WiFi or restart your router to try again.

2. Use a Security Software to Scan Your Computer

Though, we know that sometimes you might download some software or programs from internet, or sometimes malware and virus can infringement the computer through web browsing or accidentally through email attachments. Even if you keep away from suspicious websites, you never know when trouble can happen.聽 So, it is essential to use security software which at least scans your computer and keeps malware away.

3. Check Firewall or Security Software Settings

In order to ensure that your computer is safe from any malicious attack that might wreck havoc and deteriorate its performance, the firewall or security software settings might prevent iTunes to access internet.

To check your firewall or security software settings, you need to go to the settings of the antivirus program and select iTunes. Set it to 'Allow' and click 'Apply' if it is not. Allowing iTunes would let it connect with the internet and enable your open the iTunes store.聽We hope, now your iTunes work perfectly without any error.

check security software

4. Reinstall iTunes

When the iTunes error -3212 persists after repeated trials, completely uninstall it and reinstall it. It should resolve the issue you are facing with iTunes. While removing iTunes from your PC, make sure to follow this order of uninstalling software components.

  1. iTunes
  2. Apple software update
  3. Apple mobile device support
  4. Bonjour
  5. Apple Application Support 32-bit
  6. Apple Application Support 64-bit

uninstall iTunes and its components

To reinstall iTunes and related components you need to follow the below steps 鈥

  • Restart your PC after uninstalling iTunes
  • Download the latest version of iTunes and install it on your PC.

Now the issue should be resolved. If not, try finding more information on the support page of iTunes.

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click restore a partial backup

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choose the data type you want to restore

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preview data in backup