Hardly would you find anyone in this 21st century that has not experienced being so irate at man’s new best friend – the smartphone. This best friend often leaves us puzzled, flustered and annoyed because of our inability to decipher the cause or the solutions to various error messages, especially when it affects a much-enjoyed activity such as iMessaging. This article addresses some of the error messages encountered by iPhone users such as "iMessage not working" or "iMessage waiting for activation" or "iMessage not sending". To solve these problems, consider the following:

Part 1: Common Fixes for iMessage Issues

Immediately after updating your iOS or during usage, it is often common for users to encounter issues with various applications, some of the preliminary lines of actions are the following:

  • Confirm that iMessage is not working for all your contacts, be sure the app is not connecting to all contacts, thus affirming the generalization of the issue.
  • Confirm your Wi-Fi connection: iMessage was designed to function via the internet, therefore it is crucial your gadget is connected before using the app.
  • Check iMessage functionality status: As is commonly experienced with all web-based services, it is possible the service provider is experiencing difficulties, affirm this via checking the Apple support website on (https://www.apple.com/uk/support/systemstatus/).
  • Check for relevant iPhone updates; given the frequency of debugging and fixing software by manufacturers. It is critical to always have the latest version of iMessage to avoid any fixed glitch.
  • Confirm Time and Date: In addition, go to settings and confirm the devices time and date, for improved accuracy, it might be needful to switch the Auto-Set option on.
  • Delete irrelevant conversations: If none of the above fixes eliminate the error, it is recommended you delete all irrelevant messages in iMessage by swiping left. This, however, should be a last resort when all first-line fixes fail to work.

If none of these work, it is needful to follow the below solutions:

Part 2: Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation

imessage waiting for activation

When your iPhone displays iMessage Waiting for Activation error, try the following:

    Step 1. Go to (Settings > Message > iMessage).

    Step 2. Returning to the settings page, switch off the Facetime option. At the top of Settings, click on the Airplane Mode, thereafter switch on the Wi-Fi.

    Step 3. Switch on iMessage and thereafter, switch off Airplane mode; a message should appear stating that your carrier may charge for SMS click OK.

    Step 4. If not, repeat the iMessage, Facetime, "off and on" procedure before you wait a while for its activation.

Part 3: Fix iMessage not Receiving Messages

This does not allow users to receive updates or messages from contacts on iMessage on wither the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you have the same issue, try this fix:

    Step 1. Reset your iPhone or iPad. Turn off LTE or set it for data only mode.

    imessage not sending

    Step 2. Reset network settings: (Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings).

Part 4: Resolve iMessage not Delivering

imessage not sending

You could be in the other class of users that experience their messages not delivering to all contacts. Try this fix:

    Step 1. Confirm your internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network). In iMessage, tap the "!" alert option and retry sending.

    Step 2. Switch iMessage off and turn it back on (Settings > Message > Turn off and turn on iMessage). Reboot your device.

Part 5: Fix iMessage Features/Effects not Working

imessage Effects Not Working

With the escalating number of features created for iMessage since iOS, it is not uncommon to have various components malfunctioning, thus leading to the error message “iMessage Features/Effects not Working”. If you experience this, try this solution in order of increasing severity:

    Step 1. Disable Reduce Motion (Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Tap to turn off).

    Step 2. Turn off iMessage and then turn it on (Settings > Messages > iMessage > Tap to turn off > Turn on).

    Step 3. Is iMessage not sending messages from your phone number? Confirm this (Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Select your phone number in the column of "Start New Conversation From").

    Step 4. Disable 3D Touch and try again (Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch > Tap to turn off).

Part 6: Retrieve Lost iMessages

Accidents do occur and mistakes can be made, however, retrieving deleted or lost messages has been a dilemma almost every phone user must have encountered at some point. In this regards, the customer-focused product- iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery has got you covered, as it provides verifiable, highly secure and easy-to-use software that can recover all iDevice data types, including messages. Moreover, in three simple steps you can recover all your lost messages.

iMyFone D-Back restores data so swiftly that it completes restoration in a fraction of the time it takes the competition. In addition, we offer four classes of recovery: Smart Recovery (For those unsure of the lost data’s location), Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes backup, Recover from Cloud backup.

recover imessage from iphone

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Part 7: Best Solution to iMessage Problems

Since all these above issues can lead the phone to spiral into a perpetual recovery mode, it is critical to use the best-in-class solution, iMyFone iOS System Recovery, which offers protection against all kinds of iOS issues ranging from "iPhone stuck in Recovery mode", "iPhone won't turn on", "iMessage waiting for activation", to "iMessage not sending" issue. Also, the iMyFone System Recovery offers three modes of fixes.

Moreover, since the iOS System Recovery software is compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions, its universal appeal has been further streamlined into 3 basic steps: Connect, Download and Fix!

Step 1. Connect: Run iMyFone Recovery System program. Plug your phone to the laptop, select the mode you want and click "start". Put the Phone in DFU Mode.

Step 2. Download: The program automatically or the user can manually download the firmware for the device model.

Step 3. Fix: Once downloaded, click the “Start to Fix” button. Once completed, check if device restarts. If not repeat the process for the Advanced Mode.

fix imessage not working issue

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In conclusion, we have developed a fool-proof tool that eliminates all complexities and technical requirements in resolving all iPhone recovery issues. The iMyFone iOS System Recovery software ensures effective transfer of work burden to the software as we adopt a “plug and play” solution to a once highly technical problem.