How to Fix App Store not Working Issue?

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Most technocrats can attest that the Apple App Store was one of the major leaps in smartphone technology, offering a plethora of useful applications, utilities, and games to accentuate the gadgets versatility and uniqueness (having maintained its position as a market leader since its inception). However, these unique functionality and multidimensionality sometimes cause the app to crash or issues such as "App Store not loading" or "App Store not downloading" or "App Store not connecting" to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. This article will introduce you to several useful methods in resolving some of these issues permanently.

Part 1: Top 5 App Store not Working Issues

Frequent users of the App Store would recognize the errors listed below and would agree with our selection of these as the most frequent App Store errors in no specific order:

  • App Store is not downloading the app
  • Apple App Store page not loading
  • Sudden blank screen appears
  • Unable to update the apps
  • Connection problems

Part 2: How to Fix App Store not Working

The unfortunate thing about the App Store not working issues is the fact that it occurs at very critical (as we choose to think it is) moments; such as those moments when you really need to download a trendy app or read reviews about a referred app, thus leaving us with complaints and agitations. Listed below are a few steps to take whenever any App Store not working issue arises. Also, note that the iPhone would be referenced for this article, but the underlying principles apply to most Apple mobile devices, including iPad and iPod touch.

Method 1: Close and Restart the App Store

Whenever the App store is not loading in your attempt to open it, or it seems unresponsive, your first line of response should be to isolate the app (the bug is most likely localized- specific to the App store application), close the app and try again.

Step 1. Double tap your iPhone's Home Button to reveal the app switcher. Once revealed, use your fingers to swipe the app switcher sideways till you locate the App store application.

Step 2. After the App store application has been located, swipe the application upwards till it disappears from the app switcher.

Step 3. Go to the home screen to reopen the App Store. If it loads, the glitch has been fixed; if not, proceed to Method 2.

close and restart the app store

Method 2: Check Network Connection

Whenever your phone encounters the " App Store not downloading error" and the above fix doesn't work, it is important to check the iPhone's internet connectivity. In certain cases, other applications and website might work perfectly, however, the internet connectivity might be flawed for the App store; this is often because it used a different technology.

Basically, there are two ways via which internet connectivity can be achieved on the iPhone, through Wi-Fi and through cellular data (LTE, 4G, 3G etc.). Most often, in developed countries with abundant Wi-Fi coverage, it is common for most phones to have access to various Wi-Fi networks and only switch to cellular when crucially needed or Wi-Fi is unavailable. However, for this fix, we advise your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

check internet connection

Tap the settings icon and click on the Wi-Fi tab to open its menu. Upon opening the menu, if you see a green switch on the first line of the menu, then your phone was at least connecting (trying to connect) with the available networks, otherwise (if the switch is grey) the iPhone never attempted connecting with available Wi-Fi networks.


  • In layman terms, there are two types of Wi-Fi networks; Open and Closed. Open networks allow users to connect without passwords or verification (such as the ones in Starbucks or libraries). On the contrary, closed networks require some form of password verification.
  • If there are open networks, your phone should automatically connect.
  • If you know the password of a particular network, click the network name under the Wi-Fi available networks, and once the verification page comes up inset your login credentials.
  • If there are no open Wi-Fi networks, then it is advisable to toggle the switch off and proceed to use cellular data for internet connectivity.

Method 3: Restart iPhone/iPad

Should the two above fixes yield no results, then it is crucial to restart the device in-lieu of ending the app not loading error message. Switch off your iPhone by pressing and holding down the power button till the message " Slide to power off" appears on the screen. Obey the instruction and slide the power icon in the suggested direction to power off.

After a few minutes, restart your device by repeating the same process (long pressing the power button) until the apple logo appears on your blank screen, then you let go. Once fully loaded, retry connecting to the App Store, and if there are no error messages, then the glitch has been fixed, otherwise, resort to Method 4 below.

restart iphone

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

Having done all the above to no avail, it is crucial to reset your network in hopes of ending all internet connectivity problems. Please note that this step forgets all Wi-Fi login details, so manual reconnections are necessary.

Follow the steps: Settings > General > Reset, tap Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings

Method 5: Sign out and back in Your iCloud Account

If the glitch still continues, it is necessary to take solutions a step further; signing out of your App store account.

    Step 1. Follow the steps: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.

    Step 2. Immediately after signing out, click the Sign In tab and insert your login details. Restart the App store.

sign out of app store

Method 6: Fix the iOS

If any of these error messages such as "App Store not loading", "cannot connect to App Store" or "App Store not working" still persists, it is time to bring in the big guns -- fix the iOS. From all indications and the errors persistence, there might be an issue with the existing firmware that merely restoring connectivity and breaking its cycle might not fix, thus it becomes important to use dedicated iOS repair products such as the iMyFone iOS System Recovery to repair the bug in the firmware.

Moreover, although the App Store has its various advantages, encountering bugs and errors while using it can make the experience frustrating or agitating for some users. Thus we need more simplified, secure and reliable ways of fixing the more resilient glitches, which can be achieved through the iMyFone iOS System Recovery in three easy steps:

    Step 1. Connect your iOS device.

    Step 2. Select and download the firmware.

    Step 3. Fix the iOS issues.

ios system recovery

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So, whether your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode or your iPhone wouldn't come on at all, this software fixes the iOS glitches with some determination (on your path) and a few mouse clicks.