Hi there! I have updated the iOS for my iPhone recently, but Google maps is not working after updating to iOS 11.4. When I enter the destination in Google maps and tap the start button, the arrow doesn't move even if I move along the route. Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with Google maps and how to fix it?

Well, there are various issues contributing to Google maps not working on iPhone. But, don't stress yourself with it, we're right here holding your back. Today, we are going to explain you how to get rid of this problem effortlessly in this article.

google maps on iPhone

Part 1. 7 Common Google Maps Not Working Problems

The most common problems associated with Google Maps might include the following. If you find any of the problems with Google Maps, try out the solutions in the latter part of the article to get rid of Google maps not working on iPhone issue.

No Signal

When you launch Google Map, you might not find any signals. The possible reason might be a drop in cellular network along the way or the area you are located has weak connection to internet.

Cannot Reach Server

The internet connectivity affects the performance of how the GPS system works in your iPhone. A disturbed network would interrupt the connection between the server and your iPhone. This prevents the proper navigation on your route. You can 'Reset Network Settings' to resolve the issue.

Not Showing Current Position or Movements on Map

If the Google Map doesn't show your current position when you walk or move in a vehicle. Check your 'Location Service' and turn it on. It will fix the problem.

Slow in Tracking Your Location

Your iPhone tracks the location slower and it becomes tedious while booking cab or locating places around you.

Showing the Wrong Location

Sometimes the wrong location is displayed on screen while trying to order food or book a taxi. This might occur if you have by mistake selected the wrong option from the drop down list in that app.

App not Discovering Your Location

Chances are your location/GPS might have been turned off by mistake or iOS settings change. Without these two options enabled, Google Maps can't discover your current location.

Compass Problems or Interference

You might experience this problem when there is lot of interference or the compass of your Google maps not working on iPhone in sync with your movements.

Part 2. Five Solutions to Fix Google Maps Not Working

1. Update Google Maps App

In case Google maps doesn't work on your iPhone suddenly and you haven't updated Google Maps app for a long time, you can try updating the Google Map app.

  • Browse 'App store on iPhone/iPad' > 'Google Map' > 'Update'.
  • You can also update the offline saved maps by tapping the more icon > 'App Menu' > 'Offline Maps'. It will update automatically.

Update Google maps app

2. Try another Maps App

You can try installing another maps app and see if it works. In case the other app is able to perform well then there is problem with Google Maps itself. Uninstall the other app along with the Google maps app and reinstall the latest version of Google Maps.

delete the Map apps on iPhone

3. Reset Network Settings and All Settings

If the two solutions above brought no change in your situation, then most probably, resolving the Google maps not working after updating to iOS 11.4 issue needs resetting your network settings and all settings.

  • To reset network settings 鈥 browse 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Reset' > 'Reset Network Settings'.
  • For resetting all settings 鈥 browse 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Reset' > 'Reset All Settings'.

reset all settings and network settings

4. Check Location Services

It is important to turn on Location Services for Google Maps. You can check if you have turned on Location Services by going to Privacy=>Location Service=>Enable Location Service if it is turned off.

location service on iPhone

You can also reset location & privacy in your iPhone, so that the Google maps not working on iPhone issue is fixed.

  • Find 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Reset' > 'Reset Location & Privacy'.

This will reset the Location & Privacy settings to what it was while you first got your iPhone and resolve the problem with Google Maps.

reset location and privacy

5. If Google Maps Not Working after Updating to iOS 11.4 (iOS 12 supported)

If Google maps is not working after updating to iOS 11.4, then you should think about the iOS bug due to improper firmware installation or other alerts of the software. You can take the help of iMyFone iOS System Recovery. It has 3 distinct modes to fix a wide range of iOS issues. It seamlessly fixes all common iOS bugs without causing any data loss using the 'Standard Mode'. There is also one-click fix for the device that stuck in recovery mode. Whether you have a frozen and unresponsive iPhone stuck in recovery mode, black or white screen, Apple logo, or you have locked the iPhone and forgot the passcode, this software can fix the issue without any hassle.

Designed by iMyFone company which has been recommended by many famous media sites like Macworld, Cult of Mac, Payetteforward, Makeuseof and so on, this program is reliable.

Let's see how iMyFone iOS System Recovery can fix your annoying Google Maps issue.

Step 1: First and foremost, get the iMyFone iOS System Recovery software installed and launched on your computer.

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Get your iPhone connected to the PC through a lightning cable. On the iMyFone interface, click on the 'Standard Mode' tab and you will be navigated to a new window.

interface of iMyFone iOS system recovery

Step 2:聽 Now, the next screen will prompt you to put your iPhone in 'Recovery/DFU mode'. Click on the 'Start' button and then you just need to follow the online step-by-step guide to put your device in 'Recovery/DFU mode'.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3: The software will auto-detect your iPhone and the latest compatible iOS firmware for it will be displayed on your screen. Confirm the details and then click on the 'Download' button. The iOS firmware will start downloading.

download firmware

Step 4:聽 As soon as the download is over, tap on the 'Start to Fix' button on the screen to allow automatic repair. Now, as the process comes to an end, your device will restart. The annoying Google maps not working on iPhone must have been taken care of by now.

finished fixing iOS

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