When there is some problem related to the software of your iPhone, it can be sometimes sorted out by resetting your iPhone to its original factory settings. Many technical glitches can be fixed by performing a factory reset on your iPhone.

Apart from this, if in case you want to sell your iPhone or give it away to someone, to avoid a stranger going through your personal data stored on your iPhone, it is always better that you perform a factory reset on it. But, make sure that you create a backup of all the data beforehand so that you don’t end up losing any important data stored in your iPhone. This article will tell you about how to reset iPhone with iTunes and also without iTunes.

Part 1: If You Have Synced iPhone With iTunes Before, Reset Directly

You can factory reset iPhone with iTunes if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before. If it is not synced in the first place, iTunes won’t recognize your device. To know how to reset iPhone using iTunes, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your PC/Mac and connect your iPhone to it with the help of a USB cable.

Step 2: From the options on the left side, click on “Summary”.

Step 3: On the right side of the screen you will an option “Restore iPhone”, click on that.

Step 4: Click on “Restore” again to confirm the reset process.

reset iphone with itunes

By following the above steps you will know how to restore iPhone using iTunes.

Part 2: If iTunes Doesn’t Recognize Your iPhone, Reset in Recovery Mode

If in case your device is not detected by iTunes, then you can reset your iPhone by putting it into Recovery Mode. You can do this by following the steps below.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your PC/Mac and connect your iPhone to it with the help of a USB cable.

Step 2: Now force restart your iPhone and note that the force restart method will vary from one iPhone model to another.

  • Force restart iPhone 8 and latest models by, quickly pressing and releasing Volume Up button and the Volume Down button and then hold the Power button till “Connect to iTunes” appears on the screen.

force restart iphone x

  • Force restart iPhone 7 and 7 Plus by, Pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Down button till “Connect to iTunes” appears on the screen.
  • Force restart iPhone 6 and older models by, pressing and holding the Power button and the Home button till “Connect to iTunes” appears on the screen.


If in case the buttons are not working, you can use iMyFone Fixppo software for a one-step enter/exit Recovery Mode. After launching this software and connecting your iPhone to the PC/Mac, click on “Enter/Exit Recovery Mode”.

one click enter/exit recovery mode

Step 3: Once your iPhone is in the Recovery Mode, you can then reset iPhone using iTunes to its original factory settings by tapping “Restore” when prompted.

restore iphone

Now you know how to get it done in case iTunes doesn’t recognise your device.

Part 3: Also Read: How to Reset iPhone Without iTunes

However, you should know that resetting with iTunes will wipe your device. If in case none of the above methods work, or you just want to reset iPhone to fix some problems without data loss, you can use the highly recommended software iMyFone Fixppo which can reset your iPhone in simple steps without the need of iTunes.

Why Recommend using iMyFone Fixppo to Reset iPhone

  • Reset iPhone and fix operating system without data loss.
  • If you want to completely reset iPhone to factory settings, it also provides the Advanced Mode.
  • Easier to operate compared with iTunes.
  • It's less likely to get your device stuck during/after reset.

Windows version    Mac version

Follow the steps below to know how to reset iPhone without iTunes.

Step 1. Download, install and launch iMyFone Fixppo software on your laptop and click on the “Standard Mode” from the three options being displayed.

main interface

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your laptop and then click on “Next”.

connect your iphone

Step 3. From the drop-down menu check your iPhone model and also the firmware version which you want to be installed in your iPhone and then click on “Download”.

download firmware

Step 4. Click on “Start” to start the factory reset process of your iPhone.

start reset

Your iPhone will be reset to the original factory settings with easy simple steps.


There might be many cases in which you may need to reset your iPhone to the original factory settings. If in case your iPhone has some minor technical issues, it can be easily fixed by factory resetting your iPhone. In case your device is not being detected by iTunes and the Recovery Mode is not working or when you have forgotten the passcode, you can use the highly recommended software iMyFone Fixppo to fix the issue and reset your iPhone without any trouble. Go for it!

Windows version    Mac version