"Hello! I got iOS 12 in my iPhone and the feature screen recording doesn't work. Please suggest any fix or if the issue is with my device. Help me!"

With the coming of iOS 12, no doubt there are millions of users who have installed it on their devices. A new feature "Screen recording" is introduced with the iOS 11. When the users enable this feature, it eliminates the requirement of any third-party tool to record screen and the users can record themselves with the feature of iPhone itself. However, many complaints have come regardingscreen recording not working problem in iOS 12 or iOS 11 . Here, we are giving you some troubleshooting tips that you need to perform when your iOS 12 or iOS 11 screen recorder doesn't work. Check them out now.

7 Tips to Fix Screen Recorder Doesn't Work in iOS 12 or iOS 11

1. Hard Reboot iPhone and Try Again

First on the list of solutions is hard rebooting your iPhone as this is a general thumb rule that needs to be performed if you experience any software related issues. This solution could prove effective in solving out majority of the problems in first place.

If you own an iPhone 7, hold the "Volume Down" + "Sleep/Wake" button together and keep them down until your device show up the Apple Logo on your screen. As soon as you seen it, let go the buttons and let your device reboot. Now, check if the problem is still persisting or it's gone.

Hard reset iPhone 6 and earlier versions

Note: For users owning iPhone 6 or 6s or older, hold the "Home" + "Sleep/Wake" button instead, to perform the hard reboot.

Hard reset iPhone 6 and earlier versions

For iPhone 8 and iPhone X users, press Volume Up button and Volume Down button, and keep holding the power button until you see the Apple logo.

2. Check the Storage of Your iPhone

Low storage space available on your iPhone can also be a reason causing screen recorder doesn't work in iOS 12 or iOS 11, because it will save recorded videos to the Photos app of your device.

    • Head to "Settings" > Get into "General" > Hit "iPhone Storage".

check iPhone storage

There are times when the data we have on your device is so very important that we cannot manage to maintain much of the storage space as free, in such cases you can get your screen recording videos uploaded to your iCloud account and export them later to your computer, or you can also use the iPhone data exporter- iMyFone D-Port to export the videos to your computer.

3. Pull Out the Headphones

If you are experiencing no sound problem with the recorded video, please recall if you record with your headphones plugged in. There are a user met this problem. He tried screen recording again with headphones plugged out, and then the problem was gone.

pull out headphones

4. Turn off Restrictions for Screen Recording

Well, if the Restrictions are enabled for Screen Recording on your device, then certainly your iOS 12 or iOS 11 screen recorder doesn't work. By default, it is already restricted. Make sure to turn off the restrictions to Screen recording feature.

    • Launch "Settings" > push on "General" > Now hit "Restrictions" > Punch in your Passcode (when asked) > Scroll down to the bottom and toggle off the Screen Recording restrictions switch.

turn off screen recording restriction

5. Reset All Settings

If you've made it this far, this means your iOS 12 or iOS 11 Screen Recording's not working yet, try resetting all the settings of your iPhone. Not to worry, performing this won't wipe off your data but yes, it will certainly wipe off all Wi-Fi Passwords, VPN or all other credentials saved in your settings.

    • Tap "Settings" > Hit on "General" > then "Reset" > push "Reset All Settings".

reset all settings

6. Audio Problem: Turn on Microphone Audio

Reportedly, users have been experiencing no sounds in their screen recording video. Actually, it is because by default the Microphone is turned off in Screen Recorder and hence, not recording sounds. Users who are not aware about this feels screen recording's not working properly in iOS 12 or iOS 11.

    • Swipe up the "Control Center" and hit the "Screen Recorder" icon. Now, tap on "Microphone" to toggle on the audio recording.

turn on microphone audio

7. Fix iOS 12/11 Screen Recorder Doesn't Work without Data Loss

When your screen recorder in iOS 12 or iOS 11 doesn't work, there might be some glitches with the new iOS that you have just installed on your iPhone. To fix this problem, it is recommended to use iMyFone iOS System Recovery which is one of the best system recovery tools. It's a superior program that helps the users in overcoming various iOS problems caused by the software malfunction.

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  • It is designed to fix numerous different iOS issues like iPhone stuck in Apploe logo, frozen iPhone, restarting loops and so on.
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Steps to Fix Screen Recording Not Working in iOS 12 or iOS 11

Step 1 – Initiate the process with launching the program on your PC and connect the iPhone to the computer using USB. Now, three modes will appear on the screen. Select "Standard Mode" from them.

 choose Standard Mode

Step 2 – After selecting, follow the instruction provided on the screen with the purpose of putting your device into DFU mode.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3 – When you do this, the program will be able to recognize your device and download the suitable firmware. All you need is clicking on "Download" button.

download firmware

Step 4 – In the last, hit on "Start to Fix" button and as it suggests, it will start fixing your issue. Now wait until the fixing is completed and then check if your screen recorder works or not after the device restarts.

fixing ios issues



iOS 12 is all the rage among iPhone users now and occurrence of this kind of glitch with the new release are natural. We always believe in providing the best solutions to the users so that they don't get stuck with any issue and get rid of the problem easily. Hope you like our post and we would like you to share your experience with us.