"Hi, I am experiencing an issue with my iPhone 7.There is hissing sound in my device which is really annoying. The noise is also picked up by the microphone when recording videos. Any fix for this? Please help me."

A strange issue has been reported by many iPhone 7 or 7 Plus users that their phones creates hissing sound for unknown reasons. After giving thorough examination to the problem, we have come up with some really useful solutions to eliminate the hissing sound. Therefore, read the article until you get rid of iPhone 7 or 7 Plus hissing problem.

6 Tips to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Hissing Sound

1. Clean All the Apps That Are Running

Primarily, as the heading says, try cleaning all the running apps in your iPhone 7/7 Plus. This can be done by double-clicking "Home" button. All your running apps will appear on the screen. Swipe the apps one by one upwards. Clear all the apps this ways and check if the problem still exists. If yes, move to the next fix.

clean all the apps that are running

2. Force Restart iPhone 7/7 Plus

Here is another and important solution which can help you repairing iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing. Your problem can go by simply following some troubleshooting steps. For force restarting, go along the steps given below.

  • Hold your iPhone 7/7 Plus in your hand and look for "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons altogether.
  • Keep doing this until you see the Apple logo. After appearing of logo, release the buttons.

force restart iPhone7/7Plus

3. Reset All Settings

Another fix to eliminate iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing is resetting all settings of your device. This method is also very helpful in multiple iOS issues. Also, please note that this method will just reset your device and not affect your data. The stepes included are:

  • In your iPhone 7/7 Plus, look for "Settings" and tap on it.
  • Go to "General" and tap "Reset".
  • Lastly tap "Reset All Settings" and that's about it.

reset all settings

4. Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Hissing Sound without Data Loss

If iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing sound still continues, there could be some software issue with your iPhone. This can be fixed with the tool iMyFone iOS System Recovery. It is a smart iOS recovery program that offers solutions for different iOS issues with the help of its superb featur. The best thing is this method can fix various iOS issues without erasing your data.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery (iOS 11 Supported)

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Key Features:

  • There are three modes available which are "Standard Mode", "Exit Recovery Mode", "Advanced Mode". No data will be affected under the "Standard Mode".
  • This tool is able to fix a number of iOS issues like iPhone stuck in recovery mode, restrting loops, black/white screen of death, freezing and more.
  • This trusted is exceptionally easy to use and provide just few simple steps.
  • It supports almost all the iOS versions including iOS 11 and all the iOS devices including iPhone 8/X.

Windows version    Mac version

How to Fix iPhone 7 Hissing Sound using iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Step 1 – Open iMyFone iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus with the computer. On the main screen, you will find three modes. Choose "Standard Mode" from there.

choose standard mode

Step 2 – The next interface will give you the instructions to put your iPhone 7/7 Plus into DFU mode. Follow them and proceed to the next step.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3 – Now, it's time to download the latest firmware. For this, click on "Download" and the program will automatically get you the recent firmware.

download firmware

Step 4 – Lastly, fix the iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing sound problem by clicking on "Start to Fix". As soon as you click the button, the program will start fixing your problem.

fixing ios issues

5. Backup Your iPhone 7/7 Plus and Restore with iTunes

If the above methods doesn't work, you need restore iPhone with iTunes. It is recommended that you must make a backup of your iPhone's data. This is because restoring will wipe off all the data from the device and return it back to the drawing board, i.e. factory state. Remember to make a backup and then perform restoration.

  • Make sure both your iPhone and computer has the most up to date version of iTunes installed. Launch the iTunes on your PC and plug in your iPhone to the PC using the data cable provided with your iDevice.
  • Now, when the iTunes detects your device, hit the iPhone device icon at the top.
  • Next, hit the "Restore iPhone" button and confirm your action by hitting Restore again. Now, sit back, relax and let the iTunes to complete the process!

restore iPhone with iTunes

Your device has now been successfully restored to the factory state just like when first set it up for the use. However, if you now wish to restore the backup you made prior to performing restoring, unfortunately, you may end up with the same problem again, because whenever you restore a backup to your iPhone, it restores every goods and bads of that backup to your iPhone. Therefore, if your iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing again, you need restore again and never restore the backup to your device anymore.

6. Hardware Issue

If any of the above solutions don't work, maybe there is a hardware issue that is bothering you. This could be fixed only by contacting Apple support center. In this case, walk to the nearby Apple store and talk about the problem. Wait for Apple's solution and get the problem fixed. Please don't go to common repair shops since they may get things worse.


We hope that you have tried the above solutions and they worked for you. iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing sound can be irritating but there are solutions that you can try yourself. We provided some easy solutions which you can execute without losing data. We would really like to hear your experience of fixing iPhone 7/7 Plus hissing sound problem.