"Hi, I have a query. While restoring iPhone backup, I was stuck with 'iPhone backup corrupt or not compatible' error. It says 'iTunes could not restore the iPhone (my name) because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored'. I have no idea about this. Can you please tell me how I can fix it?" ----From an iPhone User

iTunes could not restore the iPhone

iTunes is the most commonly used tool for many iOS device users whenever it comes to backup or restore their devices. However, we can’t tell when a problem can occur and make the process not smooth as expected. This error message saying "backup was corrupt or compatible" can not only occur when restoring iPhone, but also when you are backing up your iPhone. Also this error can happen to the other iOS devices such as iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad, iPod touch as well.

iTunes could not back up the iPhone

This time, we are going to explain to you what to do when iPhone backup gets corrupt or not compatible when restoring or backing up using iTunes. First, we would like you explain why this error occurs.

Why Is iPhone Backup Corrupt?

While making backup through iTunes, there is a possibility of invisible errors. In other words, sometimes, some error occurs due to unknown reasons and iTunes just doesn't notify you, but in fact these errors hinder the backup process. When you think you have made a successful backup, you become wrong since the hidden error didn’t let you do it properly.

Another reason could be compatibility problem. For instance, suppose you have upgraded your device to the latest iOS and then made a backup.  Now, you have want to restore the backup to an old device running an old iOS. iTunes won’t allow you to restore the data you backed up to that device.

How to Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup When Backing up iPhone

There are 2 ways to fix this problem. You can check the detailed explanation below

Way 1: Delete the Backup and Back up Again

First thing you need to try when iPhone backup corrupt or not compatible error pop-up is to delete the old backup that you made earlier and then try to make another backup once again using iTunes. For deleting, follow the given steps.

  • Open iTunes on your PC and go to Tunes option on upper left corner.
  • Choose "Edit" and then "Preferences". Now, select "Devices" and look for the device name.
  • Subsequently, look for that corrupt or incompatible backup and select it.
  • Hit the "Delete Backup" button followed by clicking on "Delete".

delete iTunes backup

Now, backup your data again. Go back to iTunes main window. Click iPhone icon. In the Summary section, click "Back Up Now". Wait for a while until it finishes. We recommend that you update your iTunes to the latest version before doing anything.

backup using iTunes

Way 2: Use an iTunes Alternative to Selectively Backup iPhone (Free)

When you are looking for the best way to fix iPhone backup corrupt issue, we want to recommend iMyFone iTransor. It is considered as the most powerful third-party tool to make backup and restore iOS data. One can backup their data with this tool flexibly. That's to say, you can not only make a full backup but also backup an individual type of data. It is completely compatible with iOS 11.2 now.

  • This tool allows the users to extract with 16 types of iOS data from, iPhone, iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • You can either backup your whole iPhone or backup only WhatsApp, WeChat or messages separately.
  • You can also restore selectively from iTunes, iCloud and iMyFone backup with this tool.

Try It FreeTry It Free

It is completely free to use the backup feature of iMyFone iTransor. It will not let your previous backup replaced by the new ones. Therefore, you can make numerous backup if you want to. Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Open iMyFone iTransor after downloading it. Enter the main interface and choose "Back Up & Export from Device" option from left panel. Connect your iPhone using USB cable.

back up messages on iOS device

Step 2 – You can choose from "Make a Full Backup" or other options to backup selectively. Like, click on "Back Up Messages" if you wish to backup only those.

backing up messages

Step 3 – Once done with selection, go to "Back Up" button and your backup process will begin. After completion, you will get a notification.

succesfully back up messages

How to Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup When Restoring iPhone

If the backup is corrupt or not compatible when you are trying to restore your iPhone using iTunes, you can also use iMyFone iTransor to restore the backup selectively. The steps are very easy and are given just below. Go along them and restore the desired backup.

Step 1 – Run iMyFone iTransor and then click on "Restore Backup to Device" option. You will observe a list of backup files popping-up on the next screen. Select the backup file to proceed and click on "Next".

choose to restore a full backup

Step 2 – Now, choose "Restore Partial Backup" option and hit on "Next".

click restore a partial backup

You will receive certain supported data types to choose from. (More data type will be supported in the next version.)

choose the data type you want to restore

Step 3 – Select among those and leave the rest on software for loading process. You will be able to preview your data once the scanning will be completed. In the end, hit on "Restore" option and you will be done.

preview data in backup


We are at the concluding point and want to tell you that those were some possible explanations you need to know when iPhone backup gets corrupt or not compatible. We hope that you are satisfied with this post and end reading with relaxation. Also, we expect you’re perfectly able to backup or restore your device.