My iPhone's battery remained 4% the last time I saw in the morning. I plug it with my charger and it didn't charge at all and my iPhone got shut down. I don't have a slightest clue why my iPhone can't charge!!! Has anyone been in the identical situation too? I really need help as most of my important stuff is in the device without which I can't work. Your help will be valuable to me. Thank you!!!! And I'm using iOS 11 on my iPhone.

This could be a clumsy minute when you find the iPhone is not charging. When your iPhone can't charge, there are easy solutions and tips available to get the problem fixed. In this article, we are bringing in some tips that you can do to fix up the issue.

iPhone charging problem

1 Check iPhone's Charging Port

Sometimes, the problems are not as terrible as we begin assuming. They just have simple solutions. If your iPhone can't charge, you simply need to scrutinize the iPhone's charging port. See if it is blocked or not. You may not believe but a tiny amount of lint from the cloth can be responsible for the issue. We all keep our phones in our pockets, no surprise the charging port can easily get trapped by a little (or maybe more than that) amount of lint stopping the iPhone to get charge eventually. Moreover, debris, gunk or any sort of dust particles can be responsible for the same as well. Therefore, check the iPhone's charging port and if you find any kind of dust particle; don't delay to clean it up. You can use a paper clip or tweezers or even toothbrush for doing so. After that, check if your iPhone is charging or not.

Check the iPhone’s Charging Port

2 Check Charger & USB Cable

Are you charging your device with non-Apple cable or a charger? If yes, then this can be a reason for hindrance in charging your iPhone. So, if iPhone can't charge, please avoid the use of cheap iPhone chargers and check with original ones. Original chargers are no doubt, expensive but to prevent the charging issue, add some more bucks to your budget and convert the low-quality chargers to good ones.

iPhone Charger and USB Cable

3 Change Power Sources

Still, if you find your iPhone can't charge you should check the power source in which you've plugged in your charger. Try changing the power sources like other wall power outlet or try plugging your data cable into your computer or laptop to check if your iPhone takes on any charge or not. Try plugging your data cable into your docking station to check if your iPhone still can't charge or not.

Soon as your iPhone takes up any charge, a lightning bolt will appear next to your battery icon, visible in the status bar of your device.

4 Check Software Issues

Another easiest tip you can try when your iPhone can't charge, is forcing it to restart. Keep pressing the "Sleep/Wake" button. Along with it, press "Home" button if you possess iPhone 6 or earlier or "Volume Down" if you have iPhone 7. Hold as it is for approximately 10 seconds until you see Apple logo.

1. Restore iPhone

If the problem is still not fixed, attempt for restoring with iTunes. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to hard reset your iPhone with iTunes.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and plug in your iPhone to it.
  • You then need to click on iPhone button after iTunes detects your phone.
  • You are then required to look under the tab named as "Summary" and hit on "Restore iPhone".
  • A pop-up message will appear prompting you to make a backup of your device or if you have it backed up already, hit "Restore", this will initiate the process of wiping all the data and restoring your iPhone settings to its factory state.
  • On successful completion of the process, your iPhone device will start and show up "Slide to Setup screen". You'll be good to go then, and may eventually solve you iPhone can't charge issue.

Restore iPhone with iTunes

2. Fix iPhone Can't Charge Problem without Data Loss

Supposing that the above tips didn't of any help, you should try to fix the problem with iMyFone iOS System Recovery, which is strongly recommended when your iPhone can't charge or if you are bothered with any iPhone issue. The software is packed with high-quality features and provides constructive results. Using the software is a tireless process as it has very easy steps to follow.

Features of iMyFone iOS System Recovery (iOS 11 Supported)

  • iMyFone iOS System Recovery is ready to handle various iOS system errors, like freezing, black screen or white screen of iPhone.
  • The software is smart enough to not influence any of your data that exists in the device. You can use this software without concerned about data.
  • iMyFone is so easy to use and keeps your information safe and unrevealed.
  • 100% secure. No personal data and information will be leaked out.

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fix ios issue with iMyFone iOS System Recovery

5 Defective Battery

When in a situation where your iPhone can't charge and all the above tips went useless, the last thing you can try is to go to the nearest Apple Store to get help. Perhaps the issue could be with the battery of your iPhone. Run to the repair store for fixing the issue. Also, make sure to backup everything your iPhone contains before going to the store. If you are not living close by an Apple repair store, you can contact.


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