iPhone Doesn’t Ring? Find Solutions Here

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"Sometimes my iPhone doesn't ring when I get a call and I miss a lot of important calls because of this. What should I do?"

It is quite frustrating to find missed calls on your iPhone when actually it never rings. Apple users have experienced the issue that iPhone doesn't ring even when the iPhone sound notifications are not turned off. Many start panicking and consider possibilities of a virus attack.

However, this is not the case. This article is an endeavor to discuss the causes behind the problem and share various remedies to overcome it. Read on to find out more on how to fix that iPhone doesn't ring.

1 What You May Ignore When iPhone Doesn't Ring

Here are some points you need check before you proceed to the other tips. Sometimes you may fail to the other solutions but finally realize that you set it before. Therefore y



1.1 Check if you've blocked the phone number

Blocking a contact could be a reason behind your iPhone not to ring when such a contact tries to call. But there will also be no reminder that you have missed someone's phone call. To unblock a contact just go to the contact’s details, scroll down and tap on "Unblock this caller".

1.2 Check if you've turned off Do-Not-Disturb

Do-Not-Disturb, or DND is a striking characteristic of an iPhone which turns off all sound notifications. It is an obvious reason for your iPhone not to ring when you receive calls. If a moon like icon appears on the left corner on the status bar, it means that the DND feature is activated.

You may turn it off from the Control Center. Just tap on the moon icon there or visit Settings  > turn off the "Manual" and "Scheduled" switch which you accidentally might have turned on.

check Do-Not-Disturb

1.3 Check the mute switch

iPhone comes equipped with a mute button. Very often users turn on the mute switch by mistake. When the iPhone is muted, an orange strip can be seen next to the mute switch. Toggle it to the other side and try calling on your iPhone from another phone.

Check the mute switch

1.4 Check if iPhone rings under maximum volume

Another simple trick is to turn up the ringer volume to the maximum level. Now check whether or not the iPhone rings on receiving calls. You can do this in "Settings" or simply by unlocking your iPhone and increasing the volume from the volume up button.

The points listed above help in identifying the reasons for the problem. Make sure to check them regularly. If your iPhone doesn't ring even now, DO NOT worry. Here is what you can do to get rid of the problem.

2 Make Sure Bluetooth Is Turned off

When Bluetooth is turned on, iPhone doesn't ring because it might be connected to speakers or other output media. Just turn the Bluetooth off from the Control Center and see if your phone rings normally now.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned off

3 Check If the iPhone Is in Headphone Mode

Headphone Mode means that your iPhone thinks that the headphones are still pluged in when they are not. It can be caused when there is dust in the headphone jack or you plug off the headphones too fast. When you leave your iPhone in headphone mode, it doesn't ring. You can only see the incoming call on the screen and hear the ringtone if you put on your ear/headphones. You can either eject the earphones from the jack hole for several times slowly or while the headphones are plugged in, visit Settings > turn off the headphone mode and continue to use you iPhone in handset mode.

4 Factory Resetting

Resetting your iPhone erases all data and device settings off it. Therefore some bugs of the applications and settings will also be removed. This sounds risky but you can always back-up your data in iCloud or elsewhere before factory resetting your device.

To do so, =>"Settings"=>"General"=>"Reset" to finally "Erase all Contents and Settings". This makes your iPhone as good as new and solves all possible for the problem to occur.

Factory Resetting

5 Software Issues: Fix iPhone Doesn't Ring without Data Loss

The methods described above are quick and simple tricks that will solve the problem if your iPhone doesn't ring. However, if the problem persists, we suspect a software related issue with your iPhone. Such issues arise randomly and can be fixed by using a third party tool, iMyFone iOS System Recovery .

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6 A Tip to Check If It Is a Hardware Issue

If the above methods don't work, you need check if there is any hardware issue. This can be done by performing a simple experiment called "Charging Trick". Just plug in your iPhone into a power source for it to charge. Call from another device and see if the iPhone rings. Repeat the experiment without the iPhone being plugged into a power source. If the iPhone rings while being plugged in and does not ring when not being plugged in, it indicates a hardware problem in your iPhone.

The points explained above will make you understand why an iPhone doesn't ring and help in overcoming the problem. Until there is an hardware issue, the problem can be solved by you without any technical support. So go ahead and try these tricks to make your iPhone using experience a better one!