Am i the only one whose notifications don't seem to be working? I'm not getting mail notifications, app store notifications, ... For example, i have to manually pull down to refresh in the app store to see updated apps. Some i do get though, like messages or whatsapp. I'm not in do-not-disturb mode, all of my notifications are on, both in-app and through system settings. Is there anyone else who's experiencing this?

People complained many common issues after upgrading to the iOS 11. Nonetheless, even after upgrading to the new version of iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2, users are still complaining about new issues every day! Of all the problems faced, the common nuisance suffered by all the users of iOS platform is the improper functioning of the notification feature.

The feature fails to provide the update for several applications. Even if you are expecting sound and vibration, there will be none. Apart from this, the display does not light up when there is a notification. The following information will be helpful for you to choose the preferred solution to fix the menace.

Tip 1. Disabling the Do Not Disturb option

By initiating the Do Not Disturb feature, you are disabling the operating system to prevent the device from alerting you each time there is a message, notification, or missed call. You can fix the option by disabling the feature with the help of the following steps:

  • a. Go to the Settings application
  • b. Click on Do Not Disturb feature
  • c. Click Manual to disable the option

You can also disable the feature from the Control Center from the blue moon icon.

disable Do Not Disturb

Tip 2. Turn On Allows Notifications

Even though you have changed the notification setting to enable, providing the chance for applications on the device to show notifications, an update can cause a problem with the configuration and bring back the setting to the disabled state. You will have to check for the same and make the correction. You can do so by:

  • d. Opening the Setting application
  • e. Clicking on Notification feature
  • f. Selecting the Show Previews option and clicking “Always”

If you are setting the preference to “When unlocked” or “Never,” the notification will not function when the screen of the device is off.

turn on notifications

Tip 3. Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Resetting network setting of the iPhone can help in some cases. Many people complained that cellular connection and Wi-Fi pose a problem to the notification feature. You can reset the settings by:

  • g. Clicking the Settings application
  • h. Heading to the General tab
  • i. Choosing the Reset option and clicking the Reset Network Settings
  • j. Confirm the resetting option to complete the action

check network settings

Tip 4. Check App Notifications

You can check the app notifications to confirm whether the iOS is allowing a particular application to send notifications or not. In a few cases, the notifications for certain apps do not function appropriately. To check the app notifications, head to:

  • k. Settings
  • i. Choose Notifications
  • m. iPhone will display all the apps with push notifications
  • n. From the list, choose the apps for which you are not receiving the notifications and turn on by swiping “Allow Notifications” to the right

Check App Notifications

Tip 5. Fix iPhone Notifications Not Working with a Profession Tool

Apart from the points stated above, you further possess the opportunity to fix the problem of notifications not working on your iPhone using the iMyfone iOS System Recovery. The program is a simple solution for all your needs, as it helps in providing solutions to several issues faces by iPhone users. Features include:

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Key Features:

  • Almost all common Ios system problems can be fixed, such as iPhone not turning on, black screen of death, etc.
  • It offers 3 fix modes (Standard mode, Exit Recovery mode and Advanced mode) to fix Ios System with higher success rate.
  • It is user-friendly and easy-to-use software with no harm to your computer.
  • It is compatible with almost all Ios devices, including iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6, etc.

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Steps to Fix Notifications Issue Using iMyFone iOS System Recovery Tool

Step 1: To start with the repairing of iPhone with the notifications issue, you can install the trial copy of iMyfone iOS System Recovery tool for your computer or Mac.聽You have to opt for the standard mode, and the platform will ask for you to pick between DFU or Recovery mode.

choose standard mode

Step 2. To put the phone in DFU, press the wake and home key for about 8 seconds. Release the wake key and continue to hold the home button.

put the phone in DFU

You can enter the recovery state by holding both home and wake key at the same time. Hold them until “Continue to iTunes” appears on the screen.

enter the recovery mode

Step 3: After the device enters recovery or DFU mode, you have to update the firmware. As the software detects the attached device automatically, it will display the latest firmware, and you can download the same to update.

download the firmware

Step 4: After completing the download of firmware, click the start button to solve the issues related to the iPhone. Once the step is complete, you can switch on the device with ease.

fix ios system now


As you can see, several options exist in fixing the issues related to notifications problem faced by iPhone users after updating to iOS 11 or 11.1. However, opting for iMyfone iOS System Recovery is the best choice as it prevents data loss during firmware update when compared with other methods.

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