"Hi, I got a problem while I tried to sync with iTunes. It says the unknown error 54. Now I am not capable of using iTunes. What to do? Can I get any help? Thanks in advance for any help."

iTunes error 54

This error 54 issue has been complained by numerous iPhone owners and they wanted any possible help, which is what this article is about. First, we should understand why this happens.

When & Why iTunes Error 54 Appears

iTunes error 54 appears when the users try to sync their iPhone, iPod or iPad with the help of iTunes. There comes a notification that says: the iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54). The reason behind this hitch is perhaps the files that the computer or iOS device contains are locked or modified and inaccessible. Also, it also happens when there's no newest iTunes version. Besides, it offer happens when you just updated to Windows 10. There may be the error caused by permission issue. The computer doesn't allow you to modify the data.

1 Update iTunes and iOS to the Latest Version

As discussed above, if iTunes is not of the latest version, the error 54 can occur. Thus, when the iTunes error 54 appears, the primary thing is to make sure that the device and the iTunes have the recent version. Check for the latest update, and update the iTunes and the device to the latest version.

Here is how to update iTunes:

Open iTunes on your computer and click the button Help on the top menu, then tap on Check for Updates.

update iTunes

Here is how to update iOS:

Go to Setting App>General>Software Update, then you will find the latest iOS for your device and you can click Install Now to update it.

update iOS

2 Test What Content Causes the Error

The further step to be taken is the examination of the content that is causing iTunes error 54. To determine this, these things should be done.

Firstly, try syncing content in little quantities. Add little by little and this way will let you discover what content causes the issue.

Secondly, check if the issue is occurring with iTunes store's content. If so, remove the content and re-download it. If iTunes store's content is not the issue, there's a need to delete and re-import the content from the primary source. For example, if it is a song causes the problem, you need delete it and re-import it from CD.

Sometimes, issue also emerges when people attempt transferring iTunes purchases to the computer from iOS. Also, the PDF files that might be in iBooks app or the device can be the reason of the problem. Therefore, first transfer those PDF files to your email address (to save them) and remove it from the device to solve the issue.

3 Run iTunes with Administrator Access

This can fix the iTunes error 54 issue since updating of a file or folder needs permission sometimes and perhaps iTunes is not having the Administrator access. And this could be the reason of error 54. Therefore, running iTunes with Administrator access may end the iTunes error 54 problem. For this, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, make sure that you have logged into Windows as an administrator.
  • Right click iTunes icon. Go to "Properties" and after that "Compatibility" tab.
  • Select "Run the program as an administrator" just below the Settings sub-menu.

4 Run iTunes in Compatibility Mode

Here is the next fix to get over the iTunes error 54 issue. To run iTunes in the compatibility mode, here are the steps:

  • Go to iTunes icon and right click on it.
  • Click Compatibility tab and beneath the Compatibility Mode, click "Run this program in compatibility mode for:".
  • After that choose "Windows 7" and hit "OK" and test iTunes again to see if the problem ends.

5 If You Are Using Windows 10

If you are Windows 10 users, there will be a need to change the permissions of iTunes and get the full control over the folder of iTunes. The steps are:

  • Right click on iTunes and click on "Properties"
  • Choose "Edit" in "Security" tab
  • Tick on the box saying "Full control" and click "Apply"

6 Use iTunes Alternative Software

There is another option for the users to get the iTunes error 54 fixed. They can use the software iMyFone TunesMate that is fully protected and extremely easy when used. This would undoubtedly be the perfect option and it is compatible with 10.3 iOS version and the later versions too.

Features os iMyFone TunesMate

  • The software is best for its transfer feature. It is able to transfer files between iOS and iTunes with no difficulty or harm to iTunes library.
  • This software handles well the iPhone apps, music, photos and much more.
  • Rebuilding damaged iTunes library in one-click is another good feature of iMyFone TunesMate.
  • It provides an uncomplicated transfer facility i.e. drag and drop system.
  • It supports multiple file types for example, music, movies, photo library etc.
  • iMyFone is also able to export photos from iOS device to computer without iTunes. Moreover, it can delete not needed photos in batch.
  • The software is also capable of uninstalling iOS apps or pre-installed apps at once, thereby saving time.

Try It FreeTry It Free


Even though iTunes error 54 is a weird issue and disappoints many people by acting as a hindrance in the syncing process, it has some minor fixes that can be done manually without any complications. However, the software iMyFone TunesMate can be useful when the other solutions don't come handy. Hope this article could give what the users wanted.