With the new iOS update, many iPhone users rushed to update their iPhone to enjoy the new features and benefits. But, with these benefits there are many users who are facing several issues while updating their iPhone with the new iOS. After trying the new software update, it obviously gets annoying when you face many problems and this article will help you overcome these problems in the best possible way. Some common iPhone update problems and their quick fixes are given below which prove to be very helpful in fixing the many update issues faced by iPhone users.

Part 1: One-Stop Solution to Fix Various iPhone Update Problems

One of the highly recommended software iMyFone Fixppo can be used to fix 99% of new iPhone update problems. Several other minor and major technical glitches are also fixed by this software in an easy and quick way. It is mainly an iOS repair tool that is designed to fix any type of iOS stuck issues. Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to fix the many problems while updating your iPhone using this software.

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Now follow the detailed steps to know how you can fix various iPhone update problems.

Step 1. After downloading and installing iMyFone Fixppo on your PC/Mac, launch it and select “Standard Mode”.

choose standard mode

Step 2. With the help of a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac. Click on “Next” and if your device is not detected, follow the steps on the screen to put your iPhone in DFU or Recovery Mode.

device detected

Step 3. Download the firmware by clicking on “Download” when prompted and then click on “Start” to start fixing the issue on your iPhone.

fix iphone

Step 4. Once the process of fixing your device is completed, it will be shown on the screen. You can also try “Advanced Mode” if it needs further fixing.

ios device fixed

This software has the ability to fix any iOS update problem faced by your iPhone while it is undergoing an iOS update.

Part 2: Common Possible iPhone Update Problems & Solutions

Here are some of the common Apple update issues and the solutions to these problems as well.

1. iPhone Unable to Check For Updates

unable to check for updates error

There may be times when the new update may not be appearing in the “Settings” of your iPhone. A simple solution to update via iMyFone Fixppo. This tool will provide all the available IPSW files and you can select the one you need to download and install. The whole process is hassle-free.

select ipsw to  download

Another solution is by downloading IPSW file online and manually updating your iPhone by connecting it to iTunes through your PC/Mac. Now, hold the “Option” button for Mac or “Shift” key for Windows and click on “Restore” in “Summary”. Simply, select the IPSW file and by doing this, the saved IPSW file will be loaded and then you can manually upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS.

ipsw file restore

2. iPhone Stuck On Verifying Updates

iPhone stuck on  verifying updates

If your iPhone is stuck on verifying updates then the simplest fix to this would be to restart the iOS update after rebooting your device. Another solution which you can try is logging out of your Apple ID and again logging in to reset Apple ID. If these solutions don’t work then you would have to reset your whole device and try again.

3. iPhone Software Update Failed

This issue arises mainly when the network connection is not stable. Therefore you must first check the Internet connection to which your iPhone is connected. If everything seems okay and still your iPhone software update has failed then you can update your iPhone from iTunes by checking for updates in the “Summary” section.

check for updates

4. Insufficient Space for Download

You would need to have sufficient space for downloading the latest update of iOS. If not you can go to “Storage” option from the iPhone’s “Settings” and then manage your iPhone storage so as to create sufficient space for the new update.

manage storage

5. iPhone Update Draining Battery

This one of the most common issue faced by iPhone users after updating their iPhone to iOS 12! From the “Battery Usage” option you can identify and delete the applications which are consuming more battery and you should even avoid running too many applications at once to avoid this issue. If in case the fitness tracking feature is turned on in your iPhone, you should turn it off as that consumes a lot of battery. This problem is generally seen on iOS 12 Beta and earlier versions, so you should consider waiting for the official version and download it.

battery usage

6. iPhone Update Won’t Install

This problem can be tackled by first checking the network connections if it is stable and turning the network connection on and off or reset the network settings on your iPhone. You can even try restoring your device and trying the whole update process again.

reset network settings


If nothing works, you can try iMyFone Fixppo to install the software update. It will automatically search for all the available software and install to your iPhone without any issues.

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7. iPhone Update Stuck

The first thing which you must do to avoid this issue is checking if the network connection is stable and if your iPhone has enough storage space. If all that is fine and still the iPhone update is getting stuck then you will have to manually delete the old iOS 12 profile by going to the “Profile” option from iPhone “Settings”.

delete profile


Read more on: Fix iOS 12 Update Stuck on “Download and Install”.

8. Activation Error After Update

This error can be easily fixed by rebooting your iPhone and resetting your Wi-Fi connection.

wi-fi settings


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9. Apps Not Working After iPhone Update

Firstly, you will have to check if the application which is not working is compatible with the latest iOS version or not. You can also try updating the concerned application or re-installing to solve the problem. If this does not work then you can try switching off the iCloud sync option and check if the application is working and then again turn on iCloud sync.

icloud sync setting

10. Screen Recording Not Working After Update

Turn on the Screen Recording as well as microphone if not already turned on. If in case you have already turned these two on and still the screen recording is not working then reset your iPhone from the “Reset” option in “Settings”.

reset settings

11. Bluetooth Not Working After Update

Make sure that you have turned on the Bluetooth and also that the Airplane mode must be turned off. Restart your device and turn on Bluetooth again, it should be working after that.

bluetooth turn on

12. No Sound After Update

If there is no sound playing on your iPhone after the update first you must check for any external damages. Once you have ruled out that, you can check if your iPhone is stuck in the headphone mode, if it is then a simple restart of the device will solve the issue. If this is not the case then you have to enable the “Sound” from “Settings” option and also turn off DND mode.

turn off dnd

13. iPhone Not Connecting To Wi-Fi After Update

First, check if your Wi-Fi router has any problems. If not then forget the network on iPhone and reconnect. If that doesn’t work, try to reboot your device. After this, add the preferred network manually.

forgot this  network

14. iPhone Keeps Restarting After Update

Force-restart your iPhone and check if the problem is fixed!

force restart iphone

If the problem persists, then downgrade your device to the more stable iOS. If nothing works out then put your iPhone in Recovery Mode and then restore it in iTunes.

recovery mode

15. Cannot Make/Receive Calls After Update

If you have full network coverage then the simplest solution to this problem is switching on and off the Airplane Mode and then re-inserting the SIM card. If this does not work then check for carrier updates by going to the “Carrier” options from “General Settings” and restart your iPhone. You can even try resetting the network settings on your iPhone by going to the “Reset” option from “General” settings.

turn on airplane  mode

16. iPhone Running Slow After Update

The newer version of iOS 12 must in fact, make your iPhone faster and more efficient. If in case your iPhone is lagging or slowing down after the update, proceed to fix the problem by closing all the background applications, deleting all the unwanted data and disabling all the extra services like location, Bluetooth etc. After this restart your device, it should be back to normal.

17. Group Notification Not Working

Chances are that you might have turned on the DND mode for the group notifications to not be working, turn it off and it should start functioning properly. If not, then reset all the settings on your iPhone by going to the “Reset” option from the “General” settings. If you need more help, please refer to this guide about fixing iOS 12 group notification not working.

18. Data Missing After Update

If any data is missing after you have updated your iPhone, then you can restore the iPhone to any of the recent backup through iCloud or iTunes. You can even use the highly recommended software iMyFone D-Back to recover and restore the lost or accidentally deleted files back to your iPhone. It is able to recover data directly from your iPhone even if there is no backup files.

imyfone dback

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19. Touch Screen Not Working After Update

First, exclude all the physical factors which may be causing this problem by checking your iPhone for any damages like cracks or spills. After eliminating the physical causes you can try calibrating the brightness. You can do this by going to the “Display & Brightness” option from “Settings” and moving the button to the left and then to the right for 2-3 times till it gets calibrated. If this fails to fix the touchscreen issue then try restarting your device.

display and brightness settings


The most awaited iOS 12 comes with many exciting features but it has caused many technical problems as well. You can try the solutions mentioned above to all the common iPhone update issues and enjoy the various benefits of the latest update of iOS on your iPhone without any hindrance. Instead of searching for the solution for each problem, you can straight away solve all the issues with the help of iMyFone Fixppo software which is highly efficient in solving and fixing almost all minor as well as major technical glitches on iPhone. Go for it!

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