“After upgrading my iPhone X to iOS 11.1, my Visual Voicemail stopped working, It shows new voicemails but when I click on the play button it only plays 2 seconds and then cuts out or doesn't play at all.聽 Has happened multiple times now and is really annoying because I can't check my voicemails.聽 Any ideas?”

There appear to be different types of problems with the upgrading of iOS version to the newest iOS 11 or iOS 11.1. It is surveyed that one of the most common issues is that the voicemail feature on your iPhone may not be working, which will put you into inconvenience. Do not worry, here we will get down to the core basics of the problem and teach you how to possibly fix voicemail not playing on iPhone X, iPhone 8, etc.

Part 1. Why is iPhone voicemail not playing?

Ideally, the reasons as to why iPhone voicemail is not working can vary considerably and they tend to be quite complex. However, mostly it has been seen that it occurs due to network connection issue and even faulty voicemail settings as well. Let us see the possible fixes which you can use to solve this trouble.

Part 2. Fixing the voicemail won't play problem

Let us see what are the different ways by which you can fix this problem.

Tip 1. Reboot your iPhone

Sometimes, merely rebooting the iPhone tends to fix this problem. Regardless of which model of iPhone you are using, simply restart the phone and you may be good to go.

iPhone 6, 6s or earlier: You can also opt for power reboot which can be done by holding town the power and the home button together until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 7/ 7 Plus: Press the lock key on the right side of the phone, then press and holding the volume down key
for a moment until the white apple logo appears.

iPhone X/ 8/ 8 Plus: Press the release the volume up button quickly, then press the release the volume down button. Now press and hold the power button untill the white apple logo appears.

force restart iPhone

Tip 2. Verifying the password

Yet another reason which may be causing the glitch can be an erroneous voicemail password. So you should enter the password and confirm if it has been changed.

force restart iPhone

Tip 3. Reset network settings

Network settings are often known to fix plenty of problems which seem to arise out of nowhere. So, you need to head to Settings and then go to General and choose ‘Reset’.
When you choose ‘Reset network settings’ and you confirm that you want to do so, the network settings will be reset. However, doing this will delete the stored password of your various Wi-Fi routers.

reset iphone network connections

Tip 4. Confirm cellular service

Sometimes you may not be getting the right network service which is one of the reasons why your voicemail may not be working properly. When your phone is out of service range or have very bleak tower reception, you will find it hard to receive voicemails.

Confirm cellular service

Tip 5. Try to call voicemail directly

By calling your own number from your phone, you can access your voicemail after you enter your pin/password. So, try and do this. If you cannot access your voicemail after dialling your number, it means that you need to take some other steps to handle this problem.

call voicemail directly

Tip 6. Fix the issue with iOS system recovery

This is the last resort and something which will definitely solve the problem. Sometimes, these problems may arise because of system bug and by choosing to use the iMyFone iOS System Recovery, you will be able to solve this problem in the right manner. iMyFone iOS system recovery comes packed with several features which are as follows.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

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Key Features:

  • It fixes a lot of different problems like iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo, the white screen problem and so on.
  • It can help in fixing iPhone stuck in recovery mode problem.
  • You can completely wipe and reinstall the iOS so as to fix the issues you are facing on your device
  • With one click, you can solve phone stuck in DFU mode.
  • The standard mode helps in fixing the phone without any loss of data. The Exit Recovery Mode and Advanced Mode helps to fix iOS system with higher success rate.

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Now let us see the steps to be followed to fix this problem. Ensure that your device is connected to the computer which has iMyFone iOS system recovery installed on it.

Step 1. Select the standard mode and then click start. The program will prompt you to set your device to the DFU/ recovery mode.

select standard mode

Step 2. In order to put the device in the DFU mode, you need to press and hold the sleep/wake button along with the home button for almost 10 seconds. Let go of the sleep/wake button but you should hold the home button for 5 more seconds.

put iphone into dfu mode

If the device fails to enter the DFU mode, you can push it to the recovery mode by pressing and holding the sleep/wake and home button simultaneously. Keep on holding the buttons even when you see the Apple logo. Hold them until you see the ‘connect to iTunes’ message displayed on your device.

put iphone into recovery mode

Step 3. Now when the device has entered the DFU or the recovery mode, it will be detected by the program and the latest version of iOS will be found. You need to click on ‘download’ to install the firmware.

download firmware

Step 4. When the firmware has been downloaded click on the ‘start to fix’ option and the device will be fixed by itself.

fix your iPhone

Restart the phone and the issues should have been fixed.


These are the simple steps which when followed should solve the trouble of voicemail not working. Make sure to implement every step sequentially.

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