3 steps to to Fix iPhone 5s Slow Issue

With several latest updates of iOS 9, several iDevices seem to run quite slow over time. Is there any problems with the recent update? Or is there any other reasons that might be the cause of iPhone 5s running slow? When you update your older iDevices, say iPhone 5s for example, you might face sluggish issue when running your iPhone after updating the iOS into the latest version.

To fix iPhone 5s slow issue, as stated above, we have several recommendations for you. But before summarize them up, let’s get to know what reason you might have behind your slow iPhone 5s including some ways to fix them.

Why iPhone 5s Running Slower?

Case 1. Upgrade to iOS 9

As previously stated, recent iOS 9 might fill up your storage, so it’s obvious that your iPhone 5s will run quite slow.

Solution: To fix this issue, you have to free up some space in your storage. By removing caches, cookies, or any other temporary or junk files, you can fix this problem. You might also need to move your important data to external drive or cloud storage. This way you’ll get even more space to save any other important data. Also, can give significant impact to speed up iPhone 5s.

Case 2. Apps take too many RAM

The other reason can be the apps that running continuously in the background. Some apps even take too many RAM.

Solution: Identify and then stop these apps to free up the RAM. Or you can also uninstall some apps that you rarely use. It is better to keep the apps you only need and you frequently use. Or, if you need to use them occasionally, you can freeze those apps to prevent them to run in the background.

So to summarize them up, here are the steps you need to take to speed up your iPhone 5s:

Steps to Speed up Your iPhone 5s

1. Clear temporary files or free up some space by moving out your important data to external storage.

2. Stop the apps that running in the background, or uninstalling the apps you rarely use.

The previous steps might get you confused. If you need far more simple way to make iphone 5s faster, you can use third-party app to do the job instead. You can use iMyfone uMate for free to speed up your iPhone 5s by cleaning up junk files. This free and lightweight app will give more convenient and problem-free.

iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner- One Click to Free Up iOS Devices

If you have multiple iDevices such as iPhone and iPad, iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac will provide very good assistance to fix the issu of iPhone 5s running slow.

1. Remove Temporary Files, Delete Cookies, Clear Cache

With just one click, you can free up your storage from massive numbers of junk or temporary files that fill up your storage.

2. Compress Losslessly or Mass Delete Photos

If your photos’ sizes are too large and you can compress them losslessly to minimize the sizes while keeping the qualities with auto backup.

3. Selectively Delete Large Files to Regain iPhone Space

You can identify which file has very large capacity, and then decide whether you want to remove it or not.

4. Remove Unnecessary Apps

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How to Use iMyfone Umate to Speed Up Your iPhone 5s

If you’re reading this part, then we assume that you’re already interested with this app. Follow the easy steps below:

1. Connect Your iPhone 5s to Your Computer

Whether it’s a PC or Mac, iMyfone uMate is available to major devices. Just connect your iPhone 5s with your computer to get started.

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2. Start Scanning to Analyze Your iPhone 5s

Click “Quick Scan” and let iMyfone uMate do its job. It only takes a few moments to give you every detail.

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3. Easily Clean up Your iPhone and Save Huge Space

After it’s done scanning your iPhone 5s system, it will give you every detail of what fills up your storage. Start with the junk files. You can clean every bit of them with just a button of “Clean”.

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