3 Sure-Fire Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Performance

If you here reading this article, I presume you are searching for how to improve your iPhone 7 performance. This article talks exactly about this topic. So what’s all the fuss over iPhone performance? Ur Performance makes a big difference into how you enjoy your iPhone 7. You tap on an application, and it opens instantly. You open many tabs on your browser, and yet the performance is still sleek. Your device doesn’t hang or fail to load application – it works smoothly. That is what an iPhone with blistering performance can do. If you want that, then, please read on.

Improve iPhone Performance

3 Tips to improve iPhone 7 performance

Tip 1 Clear junk files and temporary files

Temporary files and junk files are more often than not the major reasons for lag in iPhone 7 performance. Here’s how you can delete and remove them with the help of iMyFone Umate Free .

Windows version

STEP 1. Connect your iPhone: Plug your iPhone 7 to your computer, with Umate running. Making sure you also have iTunes installed on your computer system.

STEP 2. Scan your iPhone: Click on “Quick Scan” to perform a space-check on the space usage of your iPhone 7. iMyFone Umate comes with over 25 analysis technology to analyze the space you can free up on your iPhone.

STEP 3. Clear your iPhone 7: You can junk or temporary files from the home screen, or get it done from their tabs.

Clear iphone junk files and temporary files

1. Clean Junk files to improve iPhone performance

From the analysis result, you can see the size of the junk files you have on your device. Now, click the “Clean” button on the lower right corner to clean all the options checked.

2. Remove Temporary Files to improve iPhone performance

The steps of deleting temp files from iPhone are the same as highlighted for removing junk files. Click on “Clean” button from the “Home” tab, and the removal process begins immediately.

Tip 2 Check iPhone settings

The more features that are enabled, the more the resources required to keep them running. You have SIri enabled, Transparency enabled, background refresh enabled, locations services turned on – with different apps accessing your location per time. In no time at all, your iPhone 7 will have lesser resources to do your regular tasks easily. To improve iPhone performance, you should Set your iPhone 7 correctly! Here’s what you can do:

Trick 1: Motion and Transparency

  • In settings, navigate to “General”
  • Find and tap on “Accessibility”
  • Select “Increase contrast”, and tap “Reduce Transparency” and toggle it on

To reduce motion:

  • Still under “Accessibility”, find “Reduce motion”
  • Toggle it “On” as well.
improve iPhone performance

Trick 2: Location Services

  • In settings, navigate to “Privacy”
  • Select “Location Services”, and toggle the option off

If you don’t want to turn it off, you can see the apps accessing location services, and cut the privileges to only when you’re using the app.

Tip 3 Manage Media files to improve iPhone 7 performance

The increased quality of content as meant that media files are larger than normal. It is also important to manage them properly.

iMyFone Umate –save huge iPhone space to improve iPhone 7 performance

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is designed for iOS space saving. It can give your iPhone 7 a totally storage analysis, to make it clear how much space have been taken up and how many GB you can save with iMyFone Umate’s deep cleaning! After a deep cleaning for your iPhone, its performance will be sure to be greatly improved!

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate iOS Cleaner

  • Clear up hidden junk files: App cookies, caches, corrupted files, crash logs etc.
  • Delete temporary files to faster your iPhone
  • Photo manager - Compressing photos + mass deleting photos, all with backup for original photos on PC
  • Find all large files over 5MB on your iPhone, you can preview and delete the unwanted ones.
  • 1-click to mass remove all unwanted Apps and get huge space back

Windows version Mac version

With these sure-fire tips, your iPhone will breathe a sigh of relief and start powering up apps and processes much faster.

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