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3 Simple Steps to Clear iOS 13/12 for Free (iPhone X Supported)

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Aaron Donald

May 7, 2016 (Updated: June 23, 2020)• Filed to: Clean up iPhone

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People who are using iPhone or iPad in iOS 13/12/11/10 are provided with a large number of useful applications out, because we like kinds of apps that fit our needs. Especially, in today's world of latest applications, high-end cameras offering comprehensive photos and quality video, and console-grade games, they are very easy to fill up your iPhone storage. What should we do? Many people want to know how to clean up their iOS 13/12/11/10 iPhone, and they are not willing to cost money. This article maybe a good guide.

Method 1: Clear Safari Cache on iOS 13/12

When you  visit a website using the Safari browser on iOS 13/12, it gets recorded in you browser history. As the time goes by, you should know how to clear them to save more space.

Step 1. Press Settings > Safari.
Step 2. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.
Step 3. Tap Clear History and Data.


Method 2: Remove App Data on iOS 13/12 (iPhone X Supported)

When you are using apps on your iPhone, some extra data (include , cookies, caches or downloaded images and other temporary files) will be created and stored in the Documents and Data.Removing them from iPhone is quite easy. Follow this steps: Setting > General > Usage > Manage Storage (Storage) > App Name. 


Method 3: One-Click to Clear iPhone iOS 13/12 Free (iPhone X Supported)

With 25+ advanced analysis technologies, the iMyFone Umate Free can scan and analyze your iPhone totally to recognize the used and available space on your iPhone iOS 13/12 and figure out how much can be released. What's more, Armed with unique cleaning technique,  iMyFone Umate supports temporary files clean up, it an clear all the invisible temporary files hidden in each app and release huge storage. It's a remarkable feature for freeware.

Try It Free

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Clean iPhone Space with iMyFone Umate Full Version (iOS 13/12 Supported)

iMyFone Umate Pro is a very popular tool among people who use iOS 13/12/11/10/9 devices. It is full of all kinds of features. The interface is well organized and informative, with icons on the home screen and procedures in specific functions. This makes the app pleasant to work with. Following we can know its all features and functions.

Try It FreeTry It Free

  • Clear Junk Files - Clean up 30+ junk files permanently from your iPhone with just one click
  • Clear Temporary Files - clear all invisible temporary files and release huge storage of your iDevice
  • Compress Photos losslessly - back up automatically your original photos before you compress them and release up to 75% photos space
  • Selectively Delete Large Files - find all those huge video files and delete them selectively
  • Manage and Remove Unused Apps - Selectively uninstall the apps by one click 

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