3 ways to expand iPhone storage

Is your iPhone telling you that you do not have sufficient space to download file? Not enough space on iPhone is a problem most iPhone users are facing. Some a times, when you here of 16 GB memory space on iPhone, you get to ask yourself when will I be able to fill this huge memory space with files. However, you will get to realize that 16 GB on iPhone is never enough space, and you will start looking for other supporting memory storage media or tools to save your files.

If you have been notified that "iTunes cannot restore the iPhone, because no enough memory space is available on the iPhone", you may start wondering on what is wrong with my iPhone. We have come to give you the best 3 possible solutions to the above problem.

Method 1: Plug in a flash drive

It is regrettably true that every iPhone makes the famous and non-famous to rely on fixed memory space, less you which to upgrade to a more capacious iPhone model. iDevices do not also support memory card, but there is a way you can use media hub (also known as wireless card reader) by inserting a flash drive or memory card in expanding iPhone 6s, 6, 5, 5c, 4s, etc. storage.

  • STEP 1: Connect the flash drive to your iPhone through your PC and save your extra files in the flash, then you can delete the files off your iPhone.
  • STEP 2: To access these file in your flash drive through your media hug, you need to first download and install the companion app to the media hub on your iPhone.
  • STEP 3: Run the app on your iPhone, and then connect to the media hub (flash drive reader) through your Wi-Fi. If you has already inserted your flash drive to the media hub, then you are good to view your files on your iPhone.

Method 2: Use iCloud services

iCloud has helped many iPhone users solve the need for external memory space by backing up their files in a secure and remote server. iCloud is a SaaS service that offers iPhone users back-up options with 5 GB storage memoryfor free, in order for users to retrieve their files and documents in case they replaced, lost or damaged their iPhones.

The following simple steps can guide you to backup your files in order to expand your iPhone storage memory.

  • STEP 1: Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.
  • STEP 2: If your device software is iOS 8 or later, you should click on "Settings > iCloud > Backup". However, if your device software is earlier than iOS 8, you should click on "Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup".
  • STEP 3: Click on "Backup Now" while still connected to the Wi-Fi network.

icloud backup

Method 3: Expand iPhone storage with iMyFone Umate

Since expanding the iPhone storage memory is impossible within the device, a possibility was created by iMyFone Umate Pro / iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac to tackle the ever-growing need of iPhone storage memory. This iPhone spacesaver can solve all your iPhone storage space needs in the following three steps:
Windows version Mac version
STEP 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC if you already have downloaded and installed our iMyFone Umate software on your PC. If you have not downloaded the app, then download and install it now!

iMyfone Umate home interface

STEP 2: Scan your iPhone for full space-saving analysis.

scan iPhone cookies

STEP 3: After scanning, you will see how much space you can also free up and you can click Clean to free up iPhone space.

clean ipad


From all we have discussed, it is very evident that flash drive has limitations in that you need to but a media hub before accessing your files. Since this is possible only through Wi-Fi network, it mean that your iPhone battery would easily rundown thereby creating another need for mobile power source. iCloud on the other does not support live streaming of music, it only guarantees safety to your files when lost or erased. Therefore, it not a file storage space in the general sense.

Nevertheless, iMyFone Umate meets up with every requirement of a way to expand iPhone storage space through the following features:

  • It removes app caches, cookies, temporary files and crash logs permanently from your iPhone.
  • iMyFone deletes downloaded temporary files, user storage files and corrupted files from your iDevice.
  • It cleans camera roll, photo stream and photo library cache files generated by third-party apps on your iDevice.
  • It has the capacity to clean up 30+ junk files to expand iPhone storage space
  • It can function in compressing or deleting photos to create over 75% photo memory space.
  • It can be helpful in quick scanning and selecting unused apps in your iPhone and deleting them in one click.

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