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I noticed that certain apps, like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, are starting to hog up a bunch of memory on my iPad. When checking the usage details, I don't have the option to clear out the caches within the app. How to clear app caches on iPad? -- Reina

Cache files can be found in many iPad Apps. When you download an app and start using such an app, cache files start accumulating and use additional space.

When you buy a new iPad, it excites you because of its smooth running and fast operation. Later you will discover that your iPad space has been used up so quickly. All of these might be as a result of too many app caches.

facebook app cahce

Part 1. Best Free Way to Clear Caches of All iPad Apps

A professional software will make the deletion of app caches on iPad more effective. Download and install iMyFone Umate Pro on your pc. For removing App caches, it's totally free! With over 25 analysis technology, just one click, you will remove the caches of all apps on your iPad, as well as cookies, crash logs, corrupted files etc.

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Follow the below steps to clear up all caches on iPad, you'll cost nothing for it.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to your computer and scan to detect your device with this program.

imyfone umate pro

Step 2: Click on the "Clean" button of "Junk Files" option to clear iPad caches.

clear cache iPad

This will clear up most part of your App caches on iPad, but to toally remove all cahces on iPad, you should also clean "Temporary Files" and "Erase Deleted Files".

If still no enough storage on your iPad after having removed all apps caches, you can try other powerful function fo iMyFone Umate Pro to get still more huge space. It performs the following wonderful functions:

  • Clean junk files & temporary files - Umate will delete all invisible cookies, app caches, crash logs to release massive space.
  • Compressing photos - this can save 75% of your photo space without deletion and loss of photo quality.
  • Bulk remove multiple photos - the program will list all the photos and rank them according to date, you can preview and select all the unwanted photos, then mass delete them.
  • Delete large files - it will detect all videos over 5MB on your iPad and filter them according to their sizes. The unwanted videos with large space will be deleted.
  • Auto backup - before deletion and compression, the program will firstly back up your original photos and videos on your computer.
  • Manage Apps - the tool will list all your apps on iPad, and rank them according to their size, you just need to choose all the unused apps for deletion.
  • Permanently erase sensitive iOS data - all iOS file types supported, and the erased data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.
  • Erase previously deleted files - find out all previously deleted files which have not been completely overwritten on your iPhone, you can select the files and permanently erase them to avoid privacy leak.
  • Trusted by thousands of users (every year) and reported by well-known media around the world

iMyFone Umate Pro is very easy to use. You can also delete files that are large in size in a jiffy. Moreover, it allows you to permanently remove files that are already deleted for privacy protection. Also, if you do not want to delete your photos, you can still compress them using iMyFone Umate Pro saving up to 75% of photo storage space.

Part 2. Free Way to Clear Caches of One iPad App

You can clear iPad app cache by uninstalling the apps associated with the caches. This is the fastest way, as for many third party apps, they haven't an option for deleting app caches on iPad. You can always reinstall the app later when needed.

However, deleting and reinstalling the app to remove caches will be a bit of an inconvenience, especially if one use the apps often and they start accumulating new caches all over again after they are reinstalled.

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To clean cache on Safari browser, you just need to go to stock Settings app, Settings > Safari. Then go to bottom of page and choose "Clear History and Website Data". Confirm it by tapping on it. When you choose this action, you have removed your history, cookies and other browsing caches.