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iPhone is one of the fastest smartphones in the world, but as smooth as the iOS user experience is in general, some users find that their iPhone is getting slow day by day. Why? As the time passes, the unwanted junk files created by different apps become more and more, these hidden or visible junk and temporary files make your iPhone memory bulky and slow your iPhone.

So, how to make your iPhone faster? There is no easy way by default to remove these unnecessary files. However there are always some method to optimize it.

Part 1: Clear up iPhone to Get A Faster iPhone (Free)

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac can clean all your iOS junk files in just one click. It can remove app caches/cookies/temp files/crash logs permanently, as well as temporary fiels, such as downloaded temp files, user storage files and corrupted files. And these are the 2 free function of Umate Pro, you do not need to pay for it. Follow the steps to clear up your iPhone and make your iPhone run faster!

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Make Your iPhone Faster with iMyfone Umate

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iDevice to your PC or MAC via USB cable.

connect iPhone

Step 2: Click “Quick Scan”. Then“iMyfone Umate” will start scanning your device for all unwanted junk files.

scan iPhone

Step 3: When Scan is complete, Umate will display all your junk and temporary files, you can select and delete those files to improve your iPhone performance.

make iphone run faster

Generally, if the iPhone have been used for long time without cleaning up, then we can save massive space by clear up junk and temporary files.

Part 2: 3 General Tips to Make iPhone Run Faster

Most of us are using iOS 9 or iOS 10 on their iPhones, iPads and iPods. Many user report that their iDevices get slow by showing lag and delay in response for user interface. There are few general solutions mentioned below.

Tip 1 Disable Background App Refresh

There is a feature in iOS that supports background activity for different apps. Turning off this feature will surely make iPhone run faster. Following the steps to disable background App refresh.

Step 1. Open Setting > General.
Step 2. Search for “Background App Refresh” toggle to turn off this feature.
Step 3. Now exit setting, and your device will work smoother.

disable background app

Tip 2 Delete Old Text Messages

If you don’t delete your text conversations often, and have stored too many texts on your iPhone, they may effect performance of your iPhone.

Go to Settings -> Messages -> Keep Message. Now you can select time for which you want to keep up your conversations. Deleting text messages and multimedia files can free up iPhone space and improve the performance of your iPhone.

Tip 3 Turn off Auto Updates

Turn on auto updates all the times can make your iPhone slow because it may trying to update any app in the background. So turning off your auto updates will ensure that your iPhone will never lag because of background updates.

In order to turn off auto updates, go to Settings-> iTunes & App Store -> updates. Toggle updates option to turn off Auto updates.

Part 3: Give Your iPhone A Deep Cleanup to Make iPhone Faster

While all these tips above can help to improve iPhone performance, it do have some disadvantages. Rather than stopping auto updates and deleting text messages that don’t matter, iMyfone Umate Pro can delete useless files such as temporary files, junk files, and manage large media files / apps that occupy a large chunk of memory and slow down performance.

Clear up junk & temporary files is only a basic cleanup, if want to give your iPhone a deep cleanup, there are still a lot to do.

1. Erase iPhone Deleted Files

We all know that there are many data recovery software for iPhone, but why they can do it? Because the files deleted in normal ways still exist on your iPhone before being completely overwritten. So these files can be recovered.

But, mostly, we delete files because we don't need them or do the deletion to avoid privacy leak. So, instead of letting these files exist on your iPhone and eat up your space, we'd better permanently erase them. Without these unnecessary files, you can not only make your iPhone run faster, but also protect your privacy.

faster iphone

2. Compress Photos or Mass Delete Photos/Videos to Free up iPhone

“iMyfone Umate” provides a feature to compress your photos without losing their quality, if you do not want to delete your meaningful photos. By compressing your photos, you can reclaim 75% of your photo's space.

And to make it easy to mass delete multiple iPhone photos/videos, the program also give the option of "Backup & Delete". With this function, you can preview all the photos/videos on iPhone and select the unwanted files, then mass delete them by one click.

Before compressing and deleting, Umate back up automatically your original photos/videos on PC.

compress photo

3. Mass Delete Apps to Speed up iPhone

Our iPhone filled with apps that are no longer needed, iMyfone umate can quickly scan and list apps to reveal the storage they occupy. You just need to select the apps that you want to delete, then click on "Clean", that's all!

delete iphone apps

4. Permanently erase personal data for privacy protection

iPhone, as a personal tool, contains many sensitive private information, such as bank data, personal photos and videos, business messages etc. If want to share iPhone with friends or family members, we'd better firstly erase all these private files permanently, to make sure that even recovery software could not recovery your data.

erase iPhone data

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