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Freeing up iPhone space is a hot topic. Because more and more people find that the iPhone storage is easily getting full, especially for a 16 GB iPhone or iPad. Many people tried lots of ways to free up iPhone space. There are more benefits than you know for keeping your iPhone clean with a trusted software? To Free up massive space on iPhone iOS 12/11/10, you need know a software like PhoneClean.

What is PhoneClean

iMobie PhoneClean is a cleaning tool made to remove the junk files and caches from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. When you realize that your device’s storage is running low, you can use PhoneClean to clear up your device. It allows you to quickly detect and remove temp, cache, cookie, and many other junk files. Also, Phone Clean creates full backups prior to any cleaning action. Some users who experience performance issues with their iPhones use this application too.

phone clean interface

Advantages of PhoneClean

iMobie PhoneClean has many features that help users to clean up space on iPhone.

  • Phone Clean promises users a one-stop solution for cleaning needs.
  • It claims to use over 20 analyzing technology and cleans junk files in one scan.
  • It offers iDevice optimization in just one click.
  • It offers other tools that work to boost better optimization experience.

Nevertheless, to everything that has a pro, a con must exist. Therefore, we have outlined some of the shortcomings of PhoneClean in the following paragraphs.

Disadvantages of PhoneClean

From every observation, there is high tendency that iMobie PhoneClean over promises and under-delivers in some of its features such as:

  • Speed: PhoneClean takes a long while to scan and detect files to remove from your iPhone. Therefore, if you are about to use your phone for something important and your experience low performance problems, PhoneClean won't be a good choice.
  • Lack of Pause Button: Since PhoneClean is always show on most devices, users tend to get discomforted with its time wasting and would love to pause the scanning and continue later but that is not possible to achieve. Therefore, it sometimes gives busy users very bad experiences.
  • Lack of Deleting Options: Another major downside of PhoneClean is the fact that it does not offer users the options to select files they would like to delete. Most users would like to know what is about to deleted from their iPhone, so that they won't start looking for important files only to discover that the files have been deleted.

iMyFone Umate Pro: Perfect PhoneClean Alternative (iOS 12 Supported)

Given the constraints associated with using PhoneClean as an iPhone optimizing tool, we have introduced to you a perfect alternative that is a lightweight and reliable tool for enhancing iOS device performances by removing unnecessary files, cleaning junk file, scanning and deleting temp files, app logs, browser caches, cookies and residual files, deleting large files and compressing photos, ensuring that your iPhone release tons of space.

As the best alternative to PhoneClean,iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac meets all the limitations and posses all the advantages of PhoneClean. This can be vividly seen from the following features of iMyFone Umate.
Windows version Mac version
ios space saver

  • Fast, Efficient & Easy-to-use iPhone Cleaner: iMyFone Umate is very fast when used to scan your iDevice. This process is completed just in few seconds and the outcome of this process is always efficient. This is why many people take iMyFone Umate as the best iPhone cleaner (iOS 12 Supported).
  • Cleanup 30+ Junk Files & All Temporary Files with Only One Click: Junk files created by the iOS system and apps on your iDevice can occupy huge storage space. These junk files can also drag down your iDevice speed and may lead to crash if not removed. Hence, it is better to use iMyFone Umate to speed up your iPhone and reclaim your storage space.
  • Compress Photos Losslessly to Reclaim 75% Photos' Space:Unlike other iOS device cleaning tools that only suggest that you delete your files to gain storage space, iMyFone Umate gives you an avenue through which to gain more storage spaces by compressing your photos losslessly to gain over 75% of photo storage space back. Of course, if you do not want any photos on your device, this program also provide the option of "Backup & Delete Photos".
  • Remove and Backup Large Files: After scanning your iPhone iOS 12/11/10, iMyFone Umate displays the result of its analysis in a ranking order according to file sizes. You can now choose from the large files that are no longer needed to delete and backup on your PC before deleting. This deleting option is applicable to all file types in your iPhone. iMyFone Umate also gives you options to select files in batch or delete them individually.
  • Manage Apps: Quickly scan and list apps to reveal the storage they occupy, then selectively uninstall the apps by one click to release space.
  • Permanently erase private data: erase not only current data but also previously deleted files, all iOS file types supported - messages, call histories, notes, photos, videos, WhatsApp data etc., and the erased data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.

Several other unique features of iMyFone Umate can contribute to optimized iPhone iOS 12/11/10 performance. We have discussed the above five to give you a clue on how important iMyFone Umate is in keeping your iPhone working at the optimal capacity. Now we shall be giving you some relevant guide on how to use iMyFone Umate in optimizing your iDevice.

How to Use iMyFone Umate Pro to Clean iPhone iOS 12/11/10

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your PC.

connect your iPhone to pc

Step 2:Scan your iOS device for a full space-saving analysis.

quick scan for your iPhone

Step 3: Click "Clean" to free up space on your iOS devices with just one click.

clean up iPhone space

From the foregoing, we have presented the best alternative to PhoneClean. We have also elucidated the features of iMyFone Umate that makes it the perfect PhoneClean alternative. The whole process is very easy, you just give the application a few commands, it will speed up your iPhone!

  • Helen

    tried the both software and finally choose iMyfone. Easy to use and cheap but so effective!

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