Can you add memory to an iPhone?

For iPhone users, the problem of not having enough space on their devices has been persistent. A commonly asked question on Apple forums is related to adding memory and increasing storage space on iPhones. Many people want to know if they can add memory to their iPhones, here is the answer to that.

Can you add Memory to your iPhone?

Well, there are certain external drives that users will have to purchase in order to add more memory to the devices. Other than that, there is always the iCloud storage option, and steps which can be taken to clear up storage space.

can you add memory to an iphone

3 Ways to add Memory to an iPhone

Now, the lack of an external storage memory option in an iPhone can be disappointing for people. Now there is no need to be concerned about your memory options. You will be able to find plenty other ways to add memory to your iPhones.

1 Wireless card reader

The Wireless card reader is the answer to your question. This reader can be inserted into any external drive and used to store files, music and videos. Take out the external drive that you keep with you at all times and get this reader inside of it.

All that you have to do is transfer all the data from the computer to this reader, and then install the companion app in your device. Connect your iPhone with the hard drive and run the app.

2 Wireless hard drives and USB flash drives

The Wireless hard drives and USB flash drives can also be used to iPhone add memory. These hard drives are optimum for those who need to store and share large files. They come in various sizes and with differing storage capacities.

You can use them to transfer data on multiple devices and stream videos or music easily. There are lightning drives available as well, they are similar to the USB flash drives, and can be connected to your PC or Mac to store all the files that you need.

can you add memory to an iphone

3 Hosting your own cloud network

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, you can try hosting your own cloud network. There are many dives available for those who want to access their files and data from any Wi-FI network.

You can get Terabytes of storage space in these drives which will allow you to access all your important data from anywhere, at any time.

iMyFone Umate – Professional iPhone Cleaner to get iPhone memory back

For those still questioning, can I add more memory to my iPhone, there is still another possibility left to explore. The iMyFone Umate will be able to efficiently clear up storage space on your iPhones. iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac has a number of attractive features that include:

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Cleaning up all Junk and Temporary files while securing the important ones
  • Photo compression to reduce space taken up by high resolution pictures
  • Detect automatically and delete selectively the large files over 5MB
  • Managing and removing the apps that you do no use frequently

Windows version Mac version

Follow these simple steps to add memory to your iPhone in minutes.

  1. All you have to do is connect the phone, run the program and enable a scan.
  2. One of its best features is a comprehensive and analytical space clearing scan where all the free and stored space is checked.
  3. After that, with one click you can remove the unimportant files and clean up massive storage space.

imyfone umate

Storage space and memory issues can pose a number of difficulties for iPhone users. People who back up large files, transfer data frequently and have a lot of pictures and videos stored on their phones or tablets, eventually face the problem of running out of memory and storage space. This is why a number of solutions have been devised to add memory to an iPhone.

Why Add Memory to iPhone

Extra memory and storage space can make everything a lot easier. Users can store more data, download and watch their favorite videos or movies, keep all their pictures and music in their mobile devices. Usually, when people attempt to this, the storage space fills up and that leads to the phone getting jammed up.

Adding memory to iPhone will eliminate any such problem and enable users to enjoy high powered system functionality without worrying about crashes or breakdowns.

Iphones do not come with the option of external storage space and all that users can do is connect them through hard drives which can be expensive to purchase. This means that adding memory to the device is technical and can be quite tricky at times.

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