Can you get more storage for iPad?

“But I only just deleted XX (insert app, game, video, or document) the other day…”

Is that the usual statement you make when you are left scratching your head at the prospect of having to delete yet another app, games, videos, photos to accommodate something new? With over 308 million iPad sold from inception, you surely aren’t alone. iPads are notorious for their fixed memory, and the question above, as well as the follow-up question of “How, do I add more storage to iPad?” If you said yes to the first question, and have asked the iPad storage question, then read on.

There are different approaches to ensuring you always have adequate storage for your iPad. You can maximize the fixed memory that comes with the tablet, or use external memory to add more flexibility to your memory usage.

5 ways to add more storage for iPad

To free up iPad storage, both the data accumulated by internet sessions and data stored while using apps should be deleted. Below are the effective methods to get back iPad storage:

Method 1: Use Computer Storage

You can access your computer storage through iTunes. The benefits are unlimited, for example, when there is a need for iOS update, rather than deleting stuff from your iPad, you can do the system software update through iTunes, and install the new iOS update.
add storage ipad with computer

Method 2: Use External Storage Devices

To get additional storage for iPad, there are two options with external storage devices – wireless memory devices and the plug-in devices. With the wireless memory devices, you power on the device and get access to the files via a wireless network created by the device. However, for the plug-in devices, you plug the device directly into iPad’s “lightning” port and get access to your files via the plug-in devices app that you have installed.
add storage ipad with external storage

Method 3: Use Cloud Based Storage

There are a plethora of cloud based services you can subscribe to, and most give out free space to boot. For iPad users, you can easily backup, store, retrieve, edit (documents on Google Drive) and share files that you have stored.

cloud storage

Conversely, before looking to extend your present storage, you can choose to maximize the present memory you have available to you. You can decide to do it manually – clearing your Safari cache, delete app data, and deleting unwanted apps, or use software to open up more memory on your iPad. To help you further, here is the top recommended software to reclaim space on your iPad.

Method 4: Clear up your iPad for adding storage to iPad

iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner : This is a one-click application to free up massive storage space for iPhone/iPad/iPod, without deletion of useful data.
With this cleaner, you get to first perform an analysis of how the space on the iPad has been used. From there, you can decide what and where you have to delete to get more space. It can be temporary files from browsing sessions, or temporary application data stored. Wherever they are, iMyFone Umate cleaner will sniff them out from every nook and cranny of your iPad’s memory. The potency of iMyFone Umate cleaner is exemplified by helping you recover 2- 4GB storage space in your 16GB iPad.

Windows version Mac version

imyfone umate

Method 5: Clear up your iPad for adding storage to iPad

1. iMyFone Umate Free : clear up all the junk files for your iPad to free up more storage, junk files including crash logs, photo cashes, download temp files, user storage files, app caches files, app cookie files etc.
2. iFreeUp: clear temporary files, unnecessary and damaged downloads, cookies and other kinds of big junk files.
3. Phone Clean: clean out large junk files in once click for iPhone.

imyfone umate free

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