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How long do you wait to access apps on your iOS devices? Have you seen changes in how soon files load? Well, your iOS 10 might need cleaning! With iOS cleaner free, you can delete unwanted files, redundant data, cookies, and certain application remnants. By doing so, your phone will be able to store important data, execute apps and get ample memory.

In this article, we would be exploring free utility software you can use to clean your iOS 10 devices.

Part 1 List of 3 iOS 10 cleaners free

1. iMyFone Umate Free

As a totally free software, iMyFone Umate Free is definitely one of the best free iOS cleaner that are available in the market currently. With its host of cool features, it is becoming extremely popular among iPad and iPhone users. With its deep cleaning techniques, it helps in cleaning up all the unwanted junk files and temporary files in a jiffy!

So with this, memory and available space can be increased, thus improving speed and performance.

  • Fast scanning of files is done. Unlike any other app, this whole process is made fast.
  • Clean up Massive Junk Files by One Click.
  • Remove temporary files created by both the iOS system itself and the third-party apps
  • It supports 9 languages

Windows version

Umate free

2. CisdemiPhoneCleaner

We called this a free iOS 10 cleaner, because it provides free tiral, but in fact it need to pay to use all the functions. It can remove junk files from phone memory. This scans the phone thoroughly and makes sure to delete those data that are useless to your device’s functionality. A complete backup of your device can be taken before actually making a deletion of the rest of the data.
However, it is only available in MAC operating system.

  • Backup of useful data can be taken.
  • Deletes unwanted data, caches, cookies.

3. Tenorshare Free iPhone Care

This free iOS device cleaner has a host of cool tricks as well. This helps in transfering and Managing files, and can wipe and secure sensitive Data.

  • Transfers videos and files without usage of iTunes.
  • Blocks advertisements and repair internal issues.
Tenorshare Free iPhone Care

Part 2 List of 2 Professional paid iOS 10 cleaners

With a number of iOS cleaner free available in the market, of course there are aussi some paid softwares with more powerful functions.

1. iFreeUp

This free iOS 10 cleaner cleans up your phone in the best manner. Most importantly, it is designed to free up storage space by checking out hidden junk files, app caches, logs, and cookies and completely manage the whole system. You install it on your PC (only for windows now), and connect your phone to the PC.

  • All junk files can be completely removed.
  • Removes useless data and caches and cookies and shreds photos for managing the privacy of the device.
  • It completely shreds every deleted file.

2. iMyFone Umate Pro

There are a number of reasons that makes iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac one of the best options in ensuring your iOS devices run optimally.

Windows version Mac version

  • It has a quick scanning feature that makes for a detailed scanning of the entire system, and checks out in detail exactly where this unwanted data is. This makes the whole process of removing unwanted caches, cookies, and logs as easy as ABC.
  • Image compression is the best way to increase space. In this software, you get lossless compression; there is no loss in quality, but an increase in memory.
  • This has the tool to know the exact size of the files, give their details and act accordingly while cleaning up.
  • Removes data swiftly and keeps the iPhone responsive at all times.
  • Immediately fixes problems such as sudden freezing or device crashes.
  • It opens more space on your phone, letting you run more apps within the device.

imyfone umate

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iMyFone Umate Pro

Permanently erase all iOS data: WhatsApp, Viber, messages, photos, call history, note, etc, 100% unrecoverable!

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iMyFone Umate

1-click cleanup to reclaim massive free space & optimize performance of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

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