I guess the great majority of iPhone 7 users, if not all, know how to clean an app on iPhone 7. Just long press the app icon and tap on the cross on the upper left corner when app begins to wobble. But, when increasing apps pile up in iPhone 7, and there are dozens of apps need to be excluded, to delete them one by one manually could be tiresome and time-wasting.

So how to clean apps on iPhone 7 easily and quickly? This article offers a practical and easy-to-use program, iMyFone Umate Pro, to clean your iPhone 7 app by just three steps. Just follow the instructions to see what splendid functions it has and how it works.

Step 1, Connect your iPhone 7 with computer

Launch and run iMyFone Umate on your computer, you will be asked to connect your iOS device to computer. After connect successfully, you will find the concise home interface of the program.

2. Quick Scan

Step 2, Scan your iPhone 7 completely and list apps orderly

Click “App Manager” tab, iMyFone Umate will indicate you to scan your iOS device. With 25+ analyzing technologies, iMyFone Umate can scan your iPhone 7 thoroughly and list the apps clearly according to the storage they take up. You can scroll down the list to get a basic understanding about your apps.

14. Select Unused Apps

Generally, those apps ranking at the bottom of the list are seldom used.

Step 3, Select apps and delete them by one click

iMyFone Umate allows multiple selection on apps. You can check all the useless apps and then click the “Uninstall” button on the lower right corner. After you confirm to delete them, all the selected apps can be removed. So, without annoying manual deletion, multiple useless and space-wasting apps can be deleted easily.

15. Remove Apps

See, cleaning iPhone 7 apps can be so easy with this iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. And it owns other remarkable functions to surprise you! The iPhone 7 cleaner also can release huge space for your iPhone 7 by one-click junk files cleaning and lossless photo compression.

4. Space-saving Analysis Results

And the trial version are freely provided with the one app’s uninstallation. If you’re in trouble at managing your app’s storage, Why not give it a try?

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