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Clean Master for iOS 13: One-Click to Free up iOS Device

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Tata Davis

May 16, 2016 (Updated: August 20, 2019)• Filed to: Clean up iPhone

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The main things that slow up your iOS device are the HD photos & videos, bulky apps, app data, chat data, reserved memory and more. All of these things take up our iPhone’s internal memory and we are left with a small amount of memory.

Moreover a bulked up iOS device has drastic effects on the processor and RAM, the more things you save in your device, the more cache memory is created and thus your iOS device keeps getting slower and slower. In order to cope up with the iOS device, you should do a thorough clean-up for your iDevice timely and a clean master iOS will be very helpful.

Part 1. What Should be Cleaned Up in iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

The inbuilt memory of your iOS device is far more complicated than what you see in MBs or GBs. In order to keep your device well optimized and in good condition, you have to understand these unwanted file types and learn to clean them regularly.

1 Junk & Temporary Files

It is important for you to clean up all the junk & temporary files of your device, as these are the main files that are responsible for taking up precious space and affects the optimum performance of your device. There are many types of junk & temporary files, including crash logs, user storage files, corrupted files etc. And most of them are invisible. In order to clean up these hidden files, you would need an iOS clean master.

One of the most effective free way to do this is to try the popular clean master for iOS (iOS 13 supported) iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. Just install the clean master iOS 13 on your pc and connect your iOS device using a USB, then run the software and let it do a proper scan for your iOS device, and it will list all the junk & temporary files detected for deletion. This software can clear up junk files and temporary files of all your apps in one click, no need for tedious manual cleanup.

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clean master ios 10

2 App caches

App cache is something you should keep removing frequently as this is the sole thing that affects your iOS device’s speed the most, the more app caches stored on your iOS device, the slower it will work. It is very easy in android to clean up app cache, but in iOS, a clean master for iOS 13 will help a lot.

3 Large Media Files: HD Photos & Videos

Large files, especially videos, can easily eat up massive storage on your iOS device, they are taken by yourself or sent by others in the communication apps such as Skype, WhatsApp etc. Many people even don't know that they have a large number of videos on their device.

HD photos take a lot of space in device and to free up memory you can use third party software that will help you to compress the photos without losing the picture quality. And if you do not want delete photos one by one, with a clean master for iOS, you can select some or all of your photos and mass delete them by one click.

4The "Documents and Data" of Most Used Apps

Cleaning apps is essential, as you already know that the "Documents and Data" saved in apps eat up almost all space of your device, and cleaning it is like just another headache.

There are two general things that you can do in order to free up App space on your device. One of the best involves is to install an iOS clean master for iOS 13, and run it on your device. And if you are in a hurry here is a quick hack: uninstall and reinstall the app.

clear app data

5Previously Deleted Files

Generally, we delete files because we don’t need these files any more. However, when we delete some iPhone data, these data may still exist on our device before having been totally overwritten by new data, though they are invisible. As they are not accessible in normal ways, so to permanently erase them, you'll need the help of an iOS clean master.

These deleted files not only eat up storage but also lead to privacy leak, as these files can be recovered by recovery software. If you have deleted many sensitive files, imagine what will happen if these files are recovered by wrong hands.

Part 2. Completely Clear up your iDevice with A Clean Master for iOS

iMyFone Umate Pro is a software that is very popular in sorting out all of the above-mentioned problems under one panel, you can manage your iOS data, cache, temporary files, deleted files etc. right under one screen. It is the best clean master for iOS 13:

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  • 1-Click Cleanup: The program can scan your device and find out all hidden junk files, temporary files, app caches, useless document and data, then clear up all them by just 1-click.
  • Photo Compressor: Umate Pro can compress all your HD photos to get back 75% of your photo space, and all original photos will be backed up on your PC automatically.
  • Bulk Delete Photos/Videos/Apps: It will list all your photos, videos and apps, you can preview them and decide which ones to be deleted, then delete all them by 1-click. Also, for videos and photos, all original files will be backed up on your PC before deletion.
  • Permanently Erase iOS Data: Erase all kinds of iOS 13 files with Zero opportunity to restore. If you have many private file and do not want anyone else get access to them, then you can erase them permanently with Umate Pro, the erased files even cannot be recovered by the most modern recovery software.
  • Erase Deleted Files: For privacy protection, only erasing current files is not enough, we should also erase the previously deleted files which are still stored in your device.

Here are the easy steps that will help you perform all types of cleanups using iMyFone Umate Pro:

Step 1. Download the software and install & run it on your pc.

Step 2. Connect your iOS (iOS 8,9,10,11) device via USB and let the software make a complete scan, the screen will go like this:

ios clean master

Step 3. After the scan you are presented with options to clean junk files, compress photos, clear app cache etc. Selecting all of them will fully optimize your phone and you will free a notable amount of space from your iOS device.

clean master ios 7

Step 4. After 1-click cleanup finished, you should turn to "Erase Deleted Files" tab, to erase all your deleted files. (The free trial version of Umate Pro allow you to scan you iPhone and find out all your deleted files, so you can firstly preview them to make sure if there are sensitive files in your deleted file records. But if you want to erase files, you should pay for it. )
clean master ios 7

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