How to Compress & delete Photos from iPad

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iPad is one of the most popular devices in tech world. In recent years iPad gained huge popularity all around the world because of its unique design and features. iPad servers every age group including children to people in their 70’s. Most of us use iPad to browse, watch movies or to take photos. People take lot of photos every day, and at the end, it gets difficult to handle huge bulk of those photos. This bulk also include such photos which are not perfect or are miss clicked. So how to delete photos from iPad to free up iPad storage? And what about the meaningful photos that you want to save forever? Well, the following are the solutions.

3 ways to delete photos from iPad

Method 1: Delete Entire Moment in your photos

Step 1. Open “Photos App” on you iPad or iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on the “Photos” icon in the bottom.

Step 3. Now tap on “Select” option from the top right.

Step 4. Tap on select next in order to select set of photos instead of single photo.

Step 5. After selecting the photos you want to delete click on the “Trash” icon to delete them.

Step 6. Last step is to confirm that you want to delete photos and then you are done.

delete entire moment

Method 2: Delete Photos via iTunes

You can also delete photos from iPad using iTunes. And photos synced via iTunes will be stored in Photo Library. The problem with such photos is that you can’t delete them directly from your iPhone. Following are the steps that can delete those photos for you using iTunes.

1. Open iTunes software on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad with it.

2. Click on Devices and select Photos option.

3. Now go to synced Photos option and select different albums.

4. Uncheck all the options next to your events, face and albums.

5. Then click apply to remove all photos from your iPhone photo Library.

delete photo via itunes

Method 3: Mass Delete & Losslessly compress photos with iMyfone Umate

The best and easy solution is to use iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac. iMyfone Umate is a great piece of software that can both delete and compress your photos, depending on your choice. Its losslessly compress will not losing the quality of photos except changing the photo size, and reclaim 75% of photo’s space. You can also directly delete the unwanted photoe. Free Download now iMyfone Umate for PC or MAC. And try it to delete all photos from iPad!

Windows version Mac version

Step 1: Open iMyfone Umate and connect your iPhone or iPad.

scan ipad

Step 2: Scan your iPad. And in the “Photos” tab, you can choose to delete your photos or compress them.

deleting photos from ipad

Note: All photos before deleting or compressing, Umate will backup automatically the original photos on PC.

Furthermore iMyfone Umate can also clean all junk files from you iPad and iPhone. This provides you lots of free space and makes your iPad run smoother and faster.

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