Delete Music from iPhone for iOS 11/10/9/8/7 (iPhone 8 Included)

Have you downloaded too many songs and you need to free up iPhone storage for new contents? You may think of updating the iOS 11 system which needs enough space. One of the reason is that you have many unusual songs that you barely listen.

Whatever the consequences, you are concerned to delete some of these songs from your iPhone (even in iPhone 8). Although deleting music from iPhone is not typical, you should know how to delete a song or album or the playlist.

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2 Methods to Remove Music from iPhone

Sometimes, iPhone users may download an album or songs, but have no option to delete the songs or album. There are two approaches below with detailed steps to remove music from iPhone.

Method 1 Delete Songs from iPhone via Settings

This is going to be the most straightforward process. The iOS version of your iPhone will determine the steps that you have to take.

For iOS 7 and Below

• Go to Settings > General > Usage > enter into "music" > tap on Edit.

The above process will show you the delete button, and from there, you can easily clear all your stored songs off iPhone in an instant.

For iOS 8

• Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > enter into "music" > select Edit > choose the Red Minus symbol.
These steps will highlight the delete button. Tap on delete to complete the process.

Deleting music from iPhone

Method 2 Delete Music from iPhone via Music App

This is also an easy process to follow. Although music remains one of your favorite passtime on iPhone devices, users have to delete it for various reasons.

Steps to follow:

Go to Music app > My Music > go to the respective folder to clear > select all > sap on Delete.

This simple procedure will lead to more storage space that you can use for new things, like media, documents and files, so as to improve performance of your iPhone.

Deleting music from iPhone

How to Delete Selected Music Files from iPhone? (iPhone 8 Included)

Many users want to remove specific songs by album-by album or artist-by-artist. This might be tough because you have to select each and every file. That can be time consuming and cumbersome.

Music app will let users navigate through different music folders and make it possible to clear them separately. Follow the procedure below to complete this task:

• Go to Music app > My Music > find the inappropriate songs or album > select each track >tap on Delete.

Well, users can tick “Only Offline Music“ to ensure that you see only those music that are physically present on the device. Do you really want to delete your collections? Are you sure? Click yes to complete the process.

All-in-One Solution to Get More Storage on iOS 11

1Delete All Music Automatically

The above methods to remove songs from iPhone may not be that simple. However, if you need easier way, I believe iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac may be your choice. It is regarded as the world No.1 iPhone Eraser & Cleaner. To automatically remove songs from iPhone, it only requires 3 simple steps to complete it.

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iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser (iOS 11 Supported)

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3 Simple Steps to Delete Music from iPhone

Step 1: With iMyFone iPhone Eraser installing on your computer, link your iPhone to it.
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Step 2: Select Erase All Data mode, then hit Erase button.
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Step 3: Type "delete" into the box to confirm and hit Erase Now.
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2Get Huge Space without Deleting Songs (Also Work for iOS 11)

Many users may not want to delete songs from iPhone iOS 11, but still, you need more storage space for new contents. Luckily, iMyFone iPhone Eraser or iMyFone iPhone Eraser for Mac has the option to achieve that.

As the above says, one of the amazing function of this tool is 1-click to clear up your iPhone to save huge space.
It will help remove unwanted files and hidden junk files that are stored from various processes. It can also compress your iPhone photos to reclaim 75% of photo space without lossing any visible quality. Besides, you can also mass remove the large files, especially videos over 5MB, according to different file sizes. This will be the best choice to free up sufficient space within a moment and boost the performance of your iPhone.

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