How to Free Up Space on iPhone in One Click

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With more and more functions, iPhone is easier to run out of space than ever, especially when 4K video shooting is feasible on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It becomes urgent for iPhone users to free up space on iphone every now and then.

I know, there are various tutorials explaining how to free up space on your iPhone. And most of them are troublesome manual deletion, taking risk of deleting important iPhone data mistakenly. Wanna try a new way to free up iPhone space? The article offers the one-click solution to freeing up space on iPhone easily and safely.

Free up iPhone Space on iPhone by One Click

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac can operate multiple space-releasing works to your iPhone, including removing junk files, clearing temporary files, compressing and mass deldeting photos, deleting large files and managing apps. Without troublesome manual procedure, photo deletion and mistaken deleting of information, your iPhone storage can be released in a few minutes.

See the details of the powerful tool in the following part.

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How to free up storage on iPhone

1. Comprehensive and Thorough Space-Saving Analysis

With more than 25 analyzing technologies, iMyfone Umate can perform space-saving analysis by clicking “Quick Scan” on home interface.

After scanning your iPhone, how much space can be saved by the powerful functions of iMyfone Umate will be showed clearly on the interface.

Space saving Analysis Results

2. Clean up Junk Files on iPhone by One-Click

Accumulated caches, crash logs and temp files not merely take up huge storage of your iPhone, but also slow down the iPhone speed.

iMyfone Umate can clean up all the junk files by clicking “Clean” button on the right bottom corner. Just one click, your iPhone can get rid of the dragging of tons of junk files.

Junk Files Clean-up

3. Hugely Release iPhone Storage by Clearing Temp Files

What you don’t realize is there are so many temporary files generated when you use the apps on your iPhone. iMyfone Umate can clear up all the temporary files on your iPhone to save huge space for your.

Take my iPhone 6s as example, the iPhone cleaner cleared 4.5GB storage for the original 12GB storage. Don’t you think the effect is surprising?

Clear Temporary Files 

4. Perform Lossless Photo Compression to Free up iPhone Space

iMyfone Umate can release 75% of your photo storage losslessly, which means there is no visual difference when you browse those compressed photos on your iPhone or share them on SNS. And to guarantee the completely of original photos, iMyfone Umate will back up all the original photos to your computer before compression.

So the photo compression is a double-gain process: releasing massive photo space losslessly, and backing up your photos automatically. Of course, you can also perform mass deleting photos with Umate, just one click and you can select and mass delete all the photos that you want to remove.

Lossless Photo Compression 

5. Back up and Then Delete Large Files by Just One Click

Videos take up too much iPhone storage, even those very short ones. It’s time to manage the videos piled on your iPhone. iMyfone Umate can list all the videos over 5MB on your iPhone. You can filter those videos according to the size you want and then delete them .

And before deleting , all the selected large files will be backed up to your computer for future use. Just click “Back up & Delete”, the backup process will start.

Large Files List

6. One Click to Manage and Remove Unused Apps

iMyfone Umate can list all your apps according to the space they take up, including the app itself and its downloaded files. And you can browse the app list to figure out which apps are seldom used.

The most important part is that the software allows the deletion of multiple unused apps by just one click. Just click on “Remove” under the app list, all the selected apps will be removed to free up space on iPhone.

Select Unused Apps

Even every app is useful to you and you want to keep them all, I guess knowing better about your app storage is a good thing for managing iPhone space.

Tips: For needing but large space-occupying apps, you can uninstall and then install them again. In case of data loss, please backup important files beforehand.

I suppose you already get the basic understanding about the iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac. With it, freeing up storage space on iPhone by one click won’t be unreachable.

And now, the trial version of iMyfone Umate cleaner for iPhone is free for downloading and you can experience space analyzing, once junk files clean-up, latest 5 photos’ compression and once app uninstallation. Just have a try and let the software surprise you!

Windows version Mac version

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