How to Free up Space for iPhone SE

The iSight camera producing detailed photos and quality video, console great games, and advanced applications are eating up storage space in iPhone SE, you look for options to increase the space. With the limited storage capacity available, you have no other choice but to use the phone creatively in managing with the limited storage space.

You are bound to miss all those favorite moments of capturing the photos or videos!

Although Apple introduced the SE in 16GB and 64GB variants, it will be difficult for heavy users of media. Thankfully, there are lots of swift and easy ways to free up space on your iPhone SE.  Take a quick look at the amount of storage consumed and the remaining free space. You will see the complete list of apps, the space consumed, and the available storage space. Now let us look at the methods through which you can free up space.

Normal methods to free up space of iPhone SE

1. Deleting unwanted apps

It is self-evident yet many of the individuals, including you, forget to do it over a period. If you do not use a particular application, you can easily delete them. Even if you are using paid apps, you could still re-download them through your iCloud backup. All you need to do is remove unwanted applications that you no longer use.

2. Delete videos

You might have downloaded movies at some point to watch it while you are on your long trip. However, the difficulty is that you have totally forgotten about it after the journey. The big problem – movies consume a lot more than 1GB of space! So, get back into your videos app and delete all those movies, which are no longer useful to you.

3. Set messages to auto delete

Messages, especially iMessages with attachments consume gigabytes of space. A better way to free up space is by deleting older messages. You can enable the option under “Keep Messages”, where you can set the time for either 30 days or 1 year.

4. Backup photos

Photos consume a lot of room on your device. Take a backup of your photos and delete older pictures in the app. You could also keep only the wanted photos in the device, which you could use for setting up your screensaver or as a profile picture.

Use iMyFone Umate to free up storage of iPhone SE without losing data

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is a reliable tool that deals with unnecessary files stored on your iOS device, including iOS 10. The simple to use iPhone cleaner will give you the opportunity to free up iOS space. You can quickly clean junk files, erase temporary files, compress photos lost losslessly, manage apps, and delete large files to free up a massive space on your iPhone SE. Features include:

  1. Cleaning 30+ junk files securely
  2. Clearing temporary files
  3. Compressing photos to reclaim up to 75% of storage space
  4. Backing up and deleting large files with ease
  5. Intelligent app management

Windows version Mac version

Steps to release space for iPhone SE using iMyFone Umate

Method 1: Smart Space-releasing from home interface

Step 1: Download Umate software, install and run it. Connect your iOS device via the cable.

Clear Temporary Files for iPhone SE

Step 2: Scan your iPhone SE for space-saving analysis.

clean iPhone SE space

Select “Quick Scan” that will analyze how much space will be available for cleaning up junk files, temporary files, compressing photos, deleting large files, and removing apps.

iPhone SE space saver

iMyFone Umate will display the amount of space that is recoverable.

free up space for  iPhone SE

Step 3: Release your iPhone SE Space

Click “clean” to allow the software to list out the junk files in your phone. Click “clean” to begin cleaning.

Recover Deleted contacts from iPhone SE

Once done, you can see how much space is still recoverable. You can continue the process according to the sequence by selecting the respective tabs from the left pane.

Recover Deleted contacts from iPhone SE

Method 2: One by one Space-releasing from each tab

If you wish to clean up only a particular part of your iPhone SE, you could select the appropriate section from the available categories. The five categories available are clean junk files, clear temporary files, compress photos, delete large files, and remove apps.

free up iphone se

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