4 Tips to Free up Storage on iPhone

"What’s going on! The storage is full again! How do I free up storage on my iPhone?! How could i install funny apps, get more photos or upgrade the latest iOS system?"
Don't be so frustrated, here are 4 tips explaining you how to free up storage on iPhone.

1. Clear junk files to get more storage for iPhone

Almost every time we use our iPhone, it could create some traces, such us the browsing record, log history and downloaded temp files. These traces seems inconspicuous. However, accumulative cache, cookies, temp files and crash logs generated by iOS system itself and third-party apps take up massive space of your iPhone, meanwhile drag your iPhone speed slow. Clear them timely and frequently can free iPhone storage.

The specific cleaning procedures are almost same to every app. To tap on the Settings screen and choose Clear History is the most common way. It could be an tiresome and boring labor to users because you have to open every app to delete the junk files. And be careful, the manual deletion might remove some iPhone data accidently.
clear history

2. Deleting redundant photos to manage your photo storage

Generally, photos occupy the most space of iPhone users, especially for people who like photographing. So how to free up storage on iPhone by managing photo space? The first thing you should do is to check your photo albums and figure out which photos are unsatisfying and no more needed. And then, just delete those photos. Or, you can back up all your photos to iTunes and iCloud, then delete all the photos on your iPhone. This could save so much space for you.

But still, deletion, even deletion after backing up, is of some disadvantages. For iPhone users who are good at photography, there are not so many unsuccessful photos. And they prefer to keep all their favorite pictures in their iPhone instead of iTunes or iCloud for sharing on SNS at any time. Even for people who don't fancy photos so much, deleting photos to get more storage for iPhone could be a painful decision.

Then you can try iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner to compress losslessly all your photos to free up 75% of photo's space. Of course, for unwanted photos, you can always select and mass delete them directly!
clear photo

3. Clear away unnecessary music, videos and apps

We tend to download every music, videos and apps we like in case of need, but only end in piling up numerous media files in our iPhone. After checking, you might find these music, videos and apps are only played or used once, then forgotten by you for months. This is how iPhone become almost full little by little. Why not uploading them to iCloud and clear them away on iPhone to free up storage on iPhone? And when these media files and apps are needed in the future, you can get them easily from iCloud.
photo icloud

4. Free up enormous storage without deletion

Being fed up with pondering over how to free up storage on iPhone? No way to start deleting files which are under different library? Don’t want to be bothered about deleting photos and apps you like? One third-party cleaning program could be a better choice for you. And among numerous programs, iMyFone Umate Space Saver for iOS is the popular one. It helps you free up storage on iPhone without deletion effectively and efficiently.
Windows version Mac version

Following the easy steps to free up storage on iPhone with several clicks:

Step 1: Donload and install the program, then connect your iPhone.

Step 2:Quick Scan your iPhone.

Step 3:Clean up your iPhone.

imyfone umate

Knowledge about free up iPhone

Junk Files: Hidden crash logs, App caches, temp files can eat up so much iOS storage, they should be removed.

Temporary Files: Temporary files is totally useless, but in general users cannot find and delete them manually, however iMyFone Umate can remove all temporary files on your iPhone easily!

Compress Photos: With auto back up for your original photos, the photo compression can release 75% of photo storage.

Large Files: iMyFone Umate can find all videos which are over 5MB, you'll have the option to "Backup & Delete" all them.

Unnecessary Apps:Umate will list all the apps on your iPad. You can check list and select the unwanted ones to delete.

  • William Wales

    Good tips. I will try it and see how it works for my iPhone 5c. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nanna

    Useful tips, i’ll try these.

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