Create Space on iPhone by Backing up Photos from iPhone

"My best friend at college recently bought a brand new iPhone 7 32GB. Before that, she was using an Android device, which she had the ability to increase the storage space through an external micro SD card. However, she had to throw away that micro SD card after purchasing the iPhone because it did not have a dedicated card slot. She is a person who takes a lot of selfies as well. One day she came to me and said that she has run out of free storage space in her phone 7. She was getting ready to go to a party that night and she wanted me to deliver a quick fix to the issue. I straight away asked her to delete some files in her iPhone as it is the obvious answer available. Then she said that it is not possible to delete them because all of them were photos that she captured from her mobile camera, it’s very important to her. Then I thought of helping her to back up the photos of her device to make more space for her iPhone."

After listening to this story from my brother, in that moment, I was wondering how to backup photos from iPhone 7 to save more space. When I did a simple search on the Internet, I figured out that many people come across storage issues when using iPhone 7. As a result, a large number of iPhone 7 data backup tools were available out there on the Internet as well, but most of them can not save space during the process of backup. Even though it is possible to back up the photos through iCloud or iTunes, you will have to go through a lot of hassle. Obviously, a non tech person will find it as a hard task to go through this process without any assistance.

Method 1: How to backup photos through iCloud

Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos. Turn on iCloud Photo Library.


From now, any photo you take from your iOS device will be automatically uploaded to iCloud. But you should keep your iPhone 7 in a place with good WiFi connection.

Method 2: How to backup photos through iTunes

Before you make a backup of your iPhone or iPad using iTunes, it's a good idea to check whether you have the latest latest version of iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone 7 to your computer.

Step 2. Select your iPhone 7 to open the Summary page.

Step 3. Select "This computer" in the "Backups" section.

Step 4. Click Back Up Now to begin the backup process.backup-message-with-itunes

Method 3: How to backup photos with iMyFone Umate to save iPhone 7 space

I was also looking for a convenient method to compress and backup photos from iPhone 7 and that’s where I came across this impressive tool called iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner. This Windows and Mac based app comes along with a unique user interface and I was able to figure out what I should do right away after installing. If you are looking for an answer to the question how to backup photos from iPhone 7 to computer, meantime, save the space for iPhone 7, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is the best option available.

Windows version Mac version

You just need to go through few simple steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer.

connect iOS devices with PC

Step 2. Choose "Photos" tab, click "Backup & Compress".


Then it will transfer all your original photos to your PC firstly to remove your worry about photos' completeness.

Step 3. Then, it will start to compress so as to free up 75% of your iPhone photos' storage.

compress photos up on iPhone

The iMyFone Umate gives us the opportunity to backup photos completely. What’s more, it supplies a solution to save space by compressing photos. It took me only a couple of minutes to go through these steps and back up all the photos and free up tons of space. What’s the most important thing is that we can finish this work just by one click! It’s very convenient! I will teach my brother how to use this tool in the future because it can become a life saver at times.


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