Free Ways to Clear App Cache on iPhone!

How to clear the increasing several GBs of App caches on iPhone accumulated by Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc? Everytime we use an App, it stores cache data. There are many reasons for which the iPhone app cache should be cleaned. The first and foremost is that the speed is boosted and the device never lags. The space freeness as well as the overall device management becomes easy.

Part 1. Free Ways to Clean iPhone App Cache

Option 1 Clear Safari Cache from Setting

If you want to clear caches of Safari browser. Just following the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Safari.

Step 2. At the bottom, click Clear History and Website Data.

Then, it will remove your History, cookies, and other browsing data. In other words, your pre-set credentials, the websites that you have visited, and caches are no longer there anymore. Safari will be a brand new browser just like when you first open it.

clear app cache iphone manully


Many apps do not provide an option in Setting App for deleting caches, for these apps, you should remove the caches directly via Apps. If the app itself have the option to clear up app caches, that's will be easy to do this. General, this option should be found in the Apps' Setting button.

Option 2 Clear All App Cache on iPhone with iMyfone Free Cache Cleaner

This software is totally free for deleting junk & temporary files on iPhone, and Apps caches are included in these junk and temp files. The steps which are discussed below are embedded with screenshots to make the idea easy for the users:

Step 1. Download the iPhone App cache cleaner - iMyfone Umate Pro / iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac - to get going with the process.

Windows version Mac version

Step 2. Run the program and connect your iPhone via USB cable. Then you'll see the big button "Quick Scan", just click it.

Step 3. Once the scan finished, all your junk files and temporary files will be listed. The "Clean" button is to be pressed and the iPhone app cache will be emptied.

iphone clear app cache

Part 2. One Click to Save Huge Space for Your iPhone

When we turn to a paid software,that's because the paid one have more powerful functions and will give us a better result. iMyfone Umate Pro is one of the best iPhone cleaner that can not only delete app cache iPhone with ease but also save huge space for your iPhone and improve your iPhone performance.

  • Clean all junk files and temporary files with one click: crash logs, photo caches, app caches, cookies, corrupted files.etc.
  • Compress photos to reclaim 75% of photo's space and back up your original photos on your PC.
  • List all your photos, you can preview and choose multiple photos to mass delete all them, all original photos will be backed up.
  • Auto detect and mass delete large files to free up massive space.
  • Selectively uninstall multiple apps by one click to release space.
  • Permanently erase private iOS data - erase not only current personal files but also deleted sensitive files, and the erased data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.

Windows version Mac version

iMyFone wins thousands of loyal users every year and receive lots of positive reviews.

Umate has an easy use interface, just several clicks and you can finish the task. It is a good sign for those who have not used such programs before. The steps which are involved will also be embedded with screenshots to make the phenomenon easy.

Step 1. Download and install the program. The software provide a trial version and the download is totally free.

Step 2. The device is then to be connected so that the program detects it and displays it.

Step 3. The Quick Scan button in the above figure is then to be pressed, so that the device is analyzed and the items are also shown.

clear ios cache

Step 4. The user can then analyze the files that are taking up the space. The delete, compress, clean and clear buttons can be pressed to delete the useless crap. This also completes the process in full.
clear app cache ios


If you want to clear up or delete music on your iPhone, please try this iPhone music transfer, which can freely transfer iPhone music between iPhone and iTunes/PC, as well as delete and export iPhone music.

Clearing app cache on your iPhone is very important if you want to enjoy full performance on your iPhone. An unclean device will lead to iPhone sluggishness. While there are some ways that can be adopted to clear iPhone app cache, but some options come with various cons. For example, clearing iPhone app cache from settings offers no privacy guarantees because the cleared history and data can be recovered. It is also time consuming and also costly. This is a disadvantage especially if the device is to be sold to another user.

However, iMyfone Umate Pro is easy to use and remains the best way to clear your app caches as data cleared remains 100% unrecoverable which makes a lot of sense especially for those selling their iPhones and wants to keep their erased data from being recovered by the new user.

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    I like free ways, but the truth is that free ways won’t works well.

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    I found my Whatsapp itself is only XXMB, but the total storage the app takes up is almost 6GB!!! Meaning i have more than 5GB caches?!!!

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    confused by app caches for long time! i like this article !

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    I know the caches exist, but just do not want to uninstall-reinstall the apps again and again.

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