How to Clear Video Cache on iPad

Do you want to know the reason why videos take tons of space on iPad? Streaming or storing videos on your iPad seems fun yet eats up a lot of memory. Though, iPad is pretty user-friendly device but iOS still gets memory clogged with the passage of time. In order to the clear the video cache on iPad and to boost your iPad’s performance, it is necessary to scroll down and choose the best way out to clear video cache iPad. This would give your iPad a much-needed push and it will certainly run faster than before. Scroll down to know a number of ways to get clear up video cache on your iPad and get rid of redundant files.

What is Cache?

But before getting rid of video cache, we will go about the real meaning of “cache”. Cache simply refers to the collection or accumulation of several temporary user files that are typically stored in a hidden or inaccessible place on your iOS device. In iPad, cache can evolve when you download an app and use it frequently. Moreover, if you have downloaded a couple of music tracks or videos, it could lead to cache on your iPad and that too without being in your knowledge. This cache can turn your iPad into a slow and lagging device. Cache doesn’t harm the performance within downloaded apps as it is meant to accelerate them. However, they generally bloat the storage system of iPad.

How to Clean up iPhone Video Cache at 1-Click

iPad does not provide such option to clean up video cache, but you can wiping out video cache easily with the help of the magical iMyFone Umate/iMyFone Umate for Mac. It is definitely the best way. This marvelous iPhone space cleaner has no comparison when it comes to clearing up video cache from your iPad. It is a all-in- one solution to clean up space on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

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iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner

  • Clear up Junk Files hidden on iPhone, like app cookies, crash logs, app cache, photo cache, corrupted files, etc. It is free trial.
  • Remove all invisible temporary files or fragments to optimize the performance of your iPhone.
  • Compress or mass delete all photos, this will reclaim over 75% of photo space.
  • List all large files over 5MB, you can preview and delete some of them to recover iPhone storage.
  • Show you all apps installed in your iPhone for you to mass uninstall them.

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Clean Various Caches on Your iPhone

Kick away the main culprits for a slow performing iPad. Using an iOS device with time accumulates various redundant and irrelevant junk files on your iPad. Before the triggering alert “Insufficient Storage” shows up, iMyFone Umate is there to wipe off and delete junk files which would result in speeding up your iPad. It can detect all junk files on your iPad which take up huge space. With iMyFone Umate you can clear up video cache files that are usually generated by downloaded apps. Just one click, all junk files and caches are gone!

  1. Connect your iPad to computer and launch iMyFone Umate.
  2. Hit "Quick Scan" button. It will start a full analysis of your iPad.
  3. Tap "Clean" button of "Junk Files" to start.

clean up iphone caches


You may only see 5 items in the screenshot above. But other invisible cache will be removed as well, like video cache, corrupted files, cookies and more.

Back up and Delete Selected Large Files

Large files usually take up tons of space on iPhone or iPad. Of course videos are considered as large files. It would be fair enough if we name “videos” as memory—eating monsters since they occupy a lot of space on iPad even if they are really short. Don’t know how to find large files? Tired of deleting videos one by one? No worries, iMyFone Umate offers iOS users to deal with videos flexibly. It will help you detect the large files quickly. What you need to do is that selecting the video files that you wish to delete and back up before click Backup&Delete button. Once the backup procedure is completed successfully, wipe out the massive video cache with a single click or opt for selective deletion. Choice is all yours!

delete large files and videos on iPhone

Other Remarkable Features of iMyFone Umate

Except for cleaning up video cache on your iPad, it also offers iOS users with some advanced features.

  • Photo Compression and Backup: The flawless iMyFone Umate can compress your pictures to releases up to 75% of camera’s photos space. Don’t worry, before compression,  your original photos are backed up on your computer.
  • Clean Temporary Files: The smart-clean up feature allows iOS users to get rid of temporary files and residues left by downloaded apps on your iPad that are generally invisible and hidden in every app. Who would love cleaning up cache on iPad manually?
  • Remove Unused Apps: Manual cleaning is a primitive method. iMyFone Umate can analyze the apps which you use infrequently. And give a solution to remove them by one click!

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It is quite obvious that one can’t discover and delete hidden files or caches on his own. However, you can save yourself from the hassle of manual cleanup as it seems frustrating and tiring to every iOS user. Rely on the trustworthy and reliable iPhone space saving app that promises safe and secure cleanup procedure. You can download it for free and have a try.

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