How to Compress Photos on iPad for More Space

Oh, no. Storage is full! You want to take a picture of that awe shocking moment but can’t. This happens all the time to iPhone and iPad users as we rely on our iDevices more and more each day. Photos and videos especially can take up a ton of space on your phone. No worries though you can keep all those photos on your device while freeing up storage all through photo compression. Never having to worry again about that full storage issue in the future.

Method 1: How to Compress Photo Library from iPad Directly

Apple provides a solution to transfer all photos from iPhone online to your iCloud. These pictures will be visible in the Photos app, as smaller previews. When you select a picture to open, iPhone will download the picture from iCloud. So you should keep a fast enough internet connection for getting the original photos.

Just follow the simple steps: go to Settings > Photos & Camera from iPhone/iPad, then select Optimize iPhone Storage.


Method 2: How to Compress Photos with PhotoShrinker

This is an iOS app, it can compress photos and images on your iPhone or iPad, but it also will delete your original photos, so if you want to retrieve your original pictures, it will be very difficult. So you should be very careful before compressing photos.

Step 1. Downloaded and opened the app on your device.

Step 2. Select the photos you want to compress by tapping on them.

Step 3. Tap the bottom blue-bar to shrink photos.


Method 3: How to Compress Photos on iPad with iMyFone Umate Pro

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can compress photos which basically means reducing the file size while still maintain the quality & photo itself locally on your device. No need to transfer your files off the device onto a computer or upload them into a cloud storage service. This means you don’t have to worry about having the right app to access your cloud photos or showcase that awesome moment to a friend. An event greater solution for those who hate having to delete precious memories in order to capture new ones. Stay worry free while having all your data on your phone or iPad. Simply compressing the data already on your device makes it easy to make room for more!

Windows version Mac version

Step 1.  Connect your iOS device to computer.

connect iOS devices with PC

Step 2. Select "Photos" tab at the bottom of the home interface, click "Backup & Compress", all your original photos will be backed up and exported to your PC firstly to remove your worry about photos' completeness.


Then all your original photos will be backed up and exported to your PC firstly to remove your worry about photos' completeness.


Step 3. Then, it will start compression to free up 75% of your iPhone photos' storage.

compress photos up on iPhone

What iMyFone Umate Pro Can Do for You on Photos?

  • Clean Photo Cache: When running photo app, it would produce photo cache. Even when you delete all photos, photo cache is still there. Running "Junk Files" can help you to remove the hidden photo cache. Fortunately, "Junk Files" is for free trial.
  • Losslessly Compress Photos: Massive photos can be compressed once. The visible quality will not be damaged but will save 75% photo space. Photos will be backed up to computer first.
  • Normally Delete Photos: It is similar to simple deletion on iPad. But there is no way to delete all photos on iPad once while you can easily delete all photos by simply checking "Select All". Photos will be backed up to computer for future need.
  • Permanently Delete Photos: Photos deleted normally are still possible to be retrieved. But if you run "Erase Private Data" on it to erase photos, it is impossible to get access to your photos even with the best recovery tool. Not only the photos in camera roll, but also WhatsApp photos and SMS attached photos are inclusive.
  • Erase Deleted Photos: With advanced analysis technologies, even your previously deleted photos can be found out here and they can be completely destroyed when you choose so. It is suitable for photos in camera roll and WhatsApp.

Now you can see how much storage have you saved and your photos are compressed. You’ll barely notice the difference in quality when going through your camera roll however you will notice all the new storage space for your data! This tool is very easy to handle, you can finish the process of compression by one click!

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