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Recently, the usage of the iPad iOS 13 has increased significantly and a number of emails are stored in the iPads. When an iPad has too much of data and emails, there are chances that the iOS 13 iPad will become slow and not function properly. Therefore, it is important that the unnecessary mails are deleted. Many subscribed and other unnecessary mails come to your inbox and they should be deleted. Apart from that, the personal information stored in mails is stored at another location and it needs to be deleted as well. These are the reasons why you need to delete the emails from your iPad iOS 13.

How to Delete All Emails on iOS 13 iPad

In iPad, there is no delete button and only the archive and trash options are available. So, the question is how to delete emails on iPad iOS 13? The steps to delete emails on iPad or delete all emails on iPad are as follows.

鈥 First of all, choose your mail account and go to the "mailboxes".

鈥 Then you need to go to the "all mails" option.

鈥 After selecting the "all mails" option, every single mail will be displayed. When you select the "edit" option in the all mails view, it will show you to trash the mails. This is the way to delete emails on iOS 13 iPad.

how to delete emails from ipad

It is also possible to delete emails from iPad in another way. You can swipe the messages and then quickly trash them. If you do this in the all mails view then it will show the trash option. But in any other view, it will show the archive option. The question is how to delete all mails on iPad iOS 13? Or, how to delete multiple mails on iPad? For this reason, when you select the edit button, you should not select any mail. If you do so, the bottom right corner will show the Trash all option.

We All Need a iPhone/iPad/iPod Cleaner for iOS 13

It is necessary that the iPad is kept clean so that it can function properly and fast. If you think that your iPad has been functioning slowly then you should use the iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner . If the iPad has 16GB memory or more storage space then it will also keep on carrying the space. Keeping the iPad clean can be done with the help of removing the junk files and thus the iPad will speed up. iMyFone Umate removes all the caches of apps, temp files, cookies, logs, etc.

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The app deletes the temporary files from the device. Whenever you use the iPad or iPhone in iOS 13, some of the residues of the usage are left that stay as temporary files. They will fill up the space and eat the storage space. This app has a unique technique that helps in learning the invisible temporary files that are hidden in the app and then the storage space is released.

It compresses and deletes the photos, so that at least 75% of the storage space gets free. The app compresses photos loosely and maintains the quality of the photos. The photos are previewed, selected and deleted from the iOS 13 iPad. The backup of photos are done before completing the process of compression and deletion.

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3 Tips of How to Delete Emails on iPad iOS 13

There are certain tips that can help in maintaining emails and in keeping the iPad clean and run fast.

  • Delete all the files that are not needed. There is a number of unwanted mails in the mailbox and all of them should be deleted.
  • Always remember that when you delete mails, they go into trash; e.g., they will not be shown in inbox but under the folder trash. This means that they are still on the iPad and they are unnecessarily occupying the space. So remember to delete the mails from the trash folder as well.
  • Always delete the unwanted apps and photos from your iPad. Don鈥檛 make your iPad overloaded. So, use the app to clean it.