Ooh the excitement when we first download apps, what joy feels our soul when we find the apps that are useful, fun and keeps us busy in our leisure time. However, naturally, the excitement soon gives way for sparing usage until perhaps you longer use the app again.

Just one day, you are consciously scrolling through your phone and you see the app. You are perplexed and murmur, 鈥淪o you鈥檙e still here?鈥 Well it happens, we all tend to forget some apps and only remember them when there鈥檚 a need for space on your iPod touch.

how to delete ipod apps

A quick way to mass delete apps from the iPod touch

Deleting apps one after the other is so 鈥淥ld School鈥. Why not embrace iOS utility software that empowers you to perform different space saving and performance-boosting activities. And it does it in one click and saves you time that you鈥檒l rather spend on other important things. Also, iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner goes beyond deleting apps, it has other powerful features like:

  • Compresses photos without a loss of quality
  • Selectively mass delete photos with backs up for original photos on PC
  • Cleans junk and temporary files from your iPod touch
  • Manage large files over 5MB: auto detect & mass delete

Windows version Mac version

The following are the steps to take to use the iMyFone Umate to delete apps on iPod touch and perform other space-saving and performance boosting activities:

  1. Download and install iMyFone Umate cleaner to your PC and launch the application.
  2. Plug in your iPod touch to your computer (ensure iTunes is installed).
  3. iMyFone Umate shows the space usage of your iPod touch, and You can switch between the different tabs to see the different options.
  4. Click clean, and within minutes, your iPod touch is as clean as new

how to delete apps on ipod touch

Other ways to delete apps from your iPod touch include:

Method 1 Delete from the Home screen

You can delete iPod Touch apps from the home screen very easily. All you have to do is hold the app you want delete till it starts to wiggle. When it does this, a small 鈥渪鈥 appears on top of the app. Click on this 鈥渪鈥 to delete the app by confirming the 鈥淒elete鈥 from the next window that pops up. You can repeat the process for all the apps that you want to remove from your iPod touch.

Method 2 Deleting apps via iTunes

You can also delete apps from your iPod touch using iTunes. Do the following to remove apps using iTunes:

  • Plug your iPod touch to your computer having iTunes already installed.
  • If iTunes doesn鈥檛 launch automatically, launch it yourself, and allow the iTunes sync your iPod touch.
  • Once the sync is concluded, locate the 鈥淎pps鈥 tab on the iTunes interface and click on it.
  • There鈥檚 a column on the left that lists all the apps on your iPod touch.
  • Scroll to the app you want to delete, and click on remove.
how to delete ipod touch apps

This deletes the app on your iPod touch, but keeps it in the iTunes library in case you changed your mind.

Method 3 Delete via settings

You can also remove apps by using the settings app that comes with the iPod touch. To do this, do the following:

  • Select the 鈥淪ettings鈥 app on the home screen.
  • Select 鈥淕eneral鈥, Tap on 鈥淯sage鈥, Select the 鈥淢anage Storage鈥 , Select the app that you no longer need.
  • On the next screen click on the 鈥淒elete App鈥, Tap 鈥淒elete App鈥 from the pop up to complete the removal of the unwanted app.

These are the different ways you can remove apps from your iPod touch. Which one is your favorite?