How to delete emails on iPhone?

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We have heard a bundle of complaints about deleting all your emails from iPhone, iPod or iPad. Deleting all emails from your iPhone is an extensive procedure. Let me go through by the process how to delete your emails from iOS9.

How to delete emails on iPhone iOS9

Step 1: Just open your mail inbox, in the right corner you can see the edit button, tap on edit button that will allow you to select the emails you want to delete.

Step 2: After selecting you have to tap on move button.

Step 3: After tapping the move button you will see a new screen having different folders, tap on trash folder, that will move all your emails you want to delete to trash.

Note: Meanwhile for iOS 7, 8 you have to move all the mail to trash. After moving to trash you tap on every email you want to delete, and after that you press the delete button to delete emails on iPhone permanently.

One click to delete junk files with iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner for free

After learn how to delete all emails on iPhone, similarly it’s very hard to delete all unwanted files and apps to free space on your iPhone. Do you want to know how to delete unwanted files and less used apps on your iPhone with just one click? Let me introduce you a very effective and efficient piece of software which will do this work for you within no time.

iMyfone Umate free will do this job for you on just one click. Cleaning up your iPhone, iPod or iPad is very simple and easy with the help of iMyfone Umate free, and it's totally free.

Windows versionStep 1: Download iMyfone Umate for free.

Step 2: Open iMyfone Umate and connect your iOS device.

Step 3: Tap on Quick scan from side menu and that will enlist the options from where you can delete all unnecessary junk files.

It can save huge space on your iOS device. Select files you want to clear and then tap on clean button that will delete all the junk files from you device.

iMyfone Umate free

Tips to get storage back on your iPhone/iPad/iPod

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac - Quickly free up tons of storage space for you iPhone/iPad/iPod (available for both windows and Mac.)

Windows version Mac version

Tips 1: compress photos without affecting the pixels quality

Tap on photo compression from the left menu and click on start. It will compress all your photos and will save space for you on your

Tips 2: find and delete unused large files
Another cool feature of iMyfone Umate is that it will find the large files from your device and show them to you. Then you can select any of the large files from the list you want to delete. It will surly get you a lots of free space. One of the coolest feature of iMyfone Umate is that before deleting any file you can take backup of every file you want to delete. That is very convenient to saving all your personal pics and videos securely and easily

Tips 3: remove all unwanted apps

If you have a plenty of unwanted apps installed on your iPhone, and you want to remove than it will take some time to delete those apps one by one. iMyfone Umate can remove those apps for you very quickly and easily. Just select the apps from the list can click remove.

Tips 4: erase temporary files
iMyfone Umate also removes all those temporary files associated with those apps and clears your cache for a better performance of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. iMyfone Umate will fully optimize your device and make it smooth as it is just box unpacked.

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