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There are a lot of iPhone users that are searching for a quick and effective way to delete Spotlight search history. The iPhone iOS 11 is a very popular device that offers a wide variety of functionality. The awesome functions and features of the iPhone iOS 11 allow users to do almost everything that they want. But the problem arises when some unfortunate conditions happen and leads to unwanted results like unwanted spotlight search messages.

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Why do We Want to Clear Spotlight Search Messages?

Well, the simple answer to this question that we all are tired from the annoying messages that show up again and again and looking for a quick and effective solution to get rid of it. iPhone iOS 11 is a great device to use but sometimes many unwanted problems make this good experience bad and causes some unfair issues and problems. Likewise, spotlight search messages is one of the most annoying issues from that, no one wants to see these spotlight messages again and again. It really frustrates our mind. But, don’t worry by just following the below steps you can easily delete it with full effectiveness and efficiency.

3 Steps to Delete Spotlight Search on iPhone iOS 11

1. Go to the settings then general and select spotlight search and uncheck the messages.
2. After the first step just turn the phone off and just wait for a minute then turns your iPhone on and off again for 2 to 3 times while giving a 2 minute break in the on and off procedure.
3. When you are done just check again messages by just following the step 1.
4. Now see the spotlight search and you will find that all those messages are deleted. In addition, to this, you must also go back to the step 1 and simply uncheck the messages so you will not face this problem with the messages that are showing up again and again in the iPhone spotlight search.

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How to Delete Spotlight Search on iPhone iOS 11 Permanently?

Reset All Settings to Clear Spotlight Search

Step 1: Tap on settings, then general, simply scroll down until you see the reset option. If you have iOS 9 then you can also pull down in settings and can search for the reset.

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Step 2: In this step just tap on the erase all settings and content. It mainly depends on whether you have a passcode set or may be a restrictions passcode. You must have to enter the password or code in order to reset your iPhone.

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Step 3: Now, you have to enter the password of your Apple ID and leave your iPhone to restore. Resetting using this method will prevent your iPhone from asking for an Apple Id whenever it restarts.

Step 4: Reset process will take few minutes and after some time you will back to the welcome screen and can easily again run your iPhone.

One click to Clear All iPhone iOS 11 Junk Files

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is world’s number one iPhone cleaner to free up space for your iOS device. iMyFone Umate is a reliable, lightweight tool which allows you to easily enhance your iOS device’s optimum performance by just simply removing the unnecessary data (including spotlight search messages in the App caches).

In just simple one click you can easily free up the massive storage space for your iPhone, iPad and as well as iPod. Actually, iMyfone has an inbuilt junk file cleaner that helps you to easily get rid of all junk files and the browser cache in an effective and efficient manner on your iOS device.

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Steps of using iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner

1. Download and install the programme. iMyFone Umate have both Windowa and Mac version, choose the right version for you device.

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2. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod. After the device have been connected by Umate, Quick Scan your iDevice. Then you can know how much space you can speed up.

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3. Choose the data type that you want to clear up, to disable spotlight search, you should choose the Junk Files, which including the app caches.

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