"I have several videos that are taking up a lot of room on my iPod Classic, and I would like to delete them. What should I do?"

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Do you know that most of the large files that occupy iPod storage space are mostly videos? This is one reason why you need to delete videos from your iPod, because if you do not delete videos off your iDevice, you will lack enough memory on your device due to large video files taking up the available memory space and there is no more memory space to save important files and documents.

What Are the Effective Ways to Delete Photos & Videos from iPod?

From our studies, we have come up with three most effective ways of deleting videos off iPod. The first among these methods is by deleting your iPod videos directly from your iDevice. The second way is by utilizing iTunes to clean up unwanted videos from your iPod, while the third and the most effective way is by using iMyFone Umate. We shall be taking you through the steps on how to utilize these iPod video deleting methods as follows.

Method 1 Delete Videos Directly from Your iPod

If you are a shutterbug, you will like taking videos and photos use your iPhone, iPad or iPod. People like taking interesting and unique videos and share them with others. More and more apps support video recording and sharing. While too many videos on iPod will make the space full easily. How to get rid off these videos? Definitely, Deleting videos directly from your iPod can be considered as a method. Here are the steps for you:
Step 1: Click on the video icon on your iPod to view your videos.
Step 2: To select the videos you want to delete, swipe on the video from right to left.
Step 3: Tap 'Delete' to clear the videos from your iDevice.


Method 2 Clear Cideos from Your iPod Using iTunes

You know iTunes is the tool that allows you to sync music, videos, photos and other data from computer to iDevices or from iDvices to computer, and it also erase the previous data on your video when syncing. So if you don't like some videos on your iPod or iPod touch, you can delete them from your iTunes library, and then sync your device with iTunes.
The following are the quick tips and guides on how to delete videos from your iPod Touch using iTunes.
Step 1: Connect your iPod Touch to your Mac computer using USB cable.
Step 2: Open iTunes.
Step 3: Select your device icon from the right top corner of your PC screen.
Step 4: Click on the 'Video' tab to choose the videos you want to delete.
Step 5: Un-check the sync videos from the check box if you do not want to synchronize your videos. Then click on delete icon to clear the selected videos.

delete videos by itunes

Method 3 Delete Photos & Videos from iPod

This method suits iOS 13 device, and also work for all models of iPhone and iPad, including iPhone 8/7.

iMyFone Umate Pro / iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is an easy and efficient way to reclaim your iPhone, iPad and iPod memory space. It can effectively scan to detect videos with over 5mb size. Then this iPod cleaning tool can effectively backup and delete selected video files from your iPod with just three relevant steps. What鈥檚 more, it also can clear junk files, delete temporary files, compress photos losslessly, remove unused apps. It is very easy to handle. All of these remarkable features attracted a lot of users.

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Step 1: Connect your iPod to your PC using USB cable. If you have not downloaded iMyFone Umate from our site, you may not be able to proceed with us. Therefore, download iMyFone Umate from our website and install it on your personal computer.

connect your ipod to pc
Step 2: Choose 'Videos' tab, click 鈥淪can鈥 to scan and analyze your iPod memory.

scan your large files
Step 3: Select the files you would like to delete, one click on "Back up and Delete" button, and you will reclaim your video memory space back.

back up and delete large files

Some tips on how to free up iPod memory space

It is usually very annoying when you cannot just do anything with your iPod due to low up memory space. To free up iPod space, here are some useful tips:

  • Clear browser caches, cookies and temporal files your iPod.
  • Delete unused applications from your iPod.
  • Remove music files you don't listen to any more.
  • Delete documents and books you are not using or have finished reading.
  • Clear Safari caches and history.