We all know how much our gadgets and devices are affected if the storage is full and there is no space for the device to breathe. The device gets slow and does not work as effectively as it should. You cannot download new apps and the device gets stuck again and again. Freeing up space on your iPad is important for the smooth functioning and uninterrupted usage. Plus keeping your iPad free of unnecessary stuff and apps ensures a longer, reliable life of the device.

Part 1: Free up the top 3 occupancy of space iPad

1. Free up space on iPad by clear up the space used by apps

The applications take up the most space on a device because some of them are very large i.e. 1 GB and above and then they require huge space for proper functioning. Make a regular practice of going through all the folders and Home screens of your iPad and purging apps you don鈥檛 find yourself using.

Remember, anything you download (paid or free) can be re-downloaded whenever you鈥檇 like since all your purchases are automatically tied to your Apple ID. If you use an app everyday but its documents and data size is too high, you can delete and reinstall it so that all the cached data gets cleared.

ipad delete app

2. Manage photos and videos to free space on iPad

Due to the amazing camera results of iPad and all Apple devices, the no. 1 culprit of storage issue is photos accompanied by videos. Photos take so much space especially when you do not delete the unwanted ones and they keep piling up in the folders and the photo gallery goes unchecked for weeks.

The first option is to go through your photos once in a while to delete the unwanted photos.

The second option is to use the iCloud photo library. By enabling iCloud Photo Library on your iPad, you can instantly free up some much needed space on your iPad. You can configure iCloud Photo Library to store the higher-resolution copies on Apple鈥檚 servers and lower-resolution copies on your phone. When you look at a photo, the high-resolution copy will be fetched from Apple鈥檚 servers and displayed on your phone. Same procedure goes with managing videos.

The third option is to use a software to compress losslessly all you photos. This can reclaim 75% of photo鈥檚 space with iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner .

ipad photo manager

3. Clear Safari cache, offline reading lists etc

Clearing your cookies and cache is necessary because cookies get stored on the hard drive of the device. So keep your safari cleared at all times.

safari setting

Part 2: Use iMyFone Umate iPad cleaner for greater results

By securely clearing up temporary files, cleaning junk files, losslessly compressing photos, removing large files and managing and cleaning apps, you can free up tons of space for your iPad with iMyFone Umate iPad cleaner or iMyFone Umate iPad cleaner for Mac .

Windows version Mac version

Do follow these steps to keep your devices healthy.

Step 1: Install Umate and connect your iPad.

umate install

Step 2: Tap 鈥淨uick Scan鈥 button to know how much space you can clean for your iPad.

scan ipad

Step 3: Click 鈥淐lean鈥 to free up space iPad.

clean ipad

Part 3: 3 tips to make your iPad faster

1. Regularly remove photos and videos: it is crucial to remove unwanted photos and videos from the photo gallery time and again because these take up a lot of space.

2. Delete completed games and unused applications: what fun is it to have an iPad and not having a ton of games? But these games take up the storage space in the device and so they should be deleted once you have completed them. Sometimes you install games but do not play because they did not seem too interesting, but you also do not delete them.

3. Use iCloud photo library: the best feature that Apple could offer us. iCloud has enough storage capacity to store all your photos, videos and audios without much trouble. Your phone remains clean and thus works superfast.