How to Make Your iPhone Run Faster

"I have about 100 songs, 5 videos, 10 pictures and 4 pages of apps in my iPhone 5, and I recently upgraded to the latest iOS 10. Maybe it’s normal, but it always seems to lag. How to make my iPhone faster? " -- Kristina

Although Apple Inc. keeps launching new portable iDevice with faster processors, bigger RAM and larger storage, users’ desire for faster iPhone never fade away. Even after you get an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you’ll still need to speed up your mobile every now and then. This article will provide 5 methods to make iPhone run faster.

Method 1. Turn on Reduce Motion
For iOS 7 and later version, screen movement is applied to your portable device, such as screen zooming in the process of opening folders and apps. Although reducing this animation effects will not release much space on your iPhone, it does make your iOS 10 speed up. After all, these special effects take up RAM resource and slow down response speed on your iPhone. If you prefer setting photos and pictures to wallpaper, turning on Reduce Motion enable them to overspread full screen.

You can reduce the motion by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, and tap it to activate the function.


Method 2. Shut Down Unnecessary Open Apps
Background apps will drag down your iPhone speed. Close unnecessary open apps is a good way to make your iPhone faster.
A short cut to see the running apps is a Double-click of the Home button. You can close an app by pressing on the app and sliding it upward.

slide off calendar

Method 3. Reset Settings of Your iPhone
Reset all settings of your iPhone can speed it up a bit. You can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
Please be well assured that resetting will not uninstall your apps, delete your music and photos or erase data. However, it does change all the configurations, especially email receiving frequency and network settings.


Method 4. Restart Your iPhone
This method can momentarily make your iPhone run faster without changing anything. Do this by long pressing the lock button until iPhone shows the prompt of “slide to power off” and slide it to the right. And keep pressing the lock button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears. And then, the simple and fast iPhone speeding process is completed.

restart iPhone

Method 5. Free up huge space to make iPhone run faster

Similar to computers, crowded junk files, caches and temporary files will make your iPhone sluggish and underperformed. iMyFone Umate Free , which is a totally free software, is a space saver for iOS 10, offering one click solution for deleting junk files, caches and temporary files, so as to reclaim huge storage space and make iPhone go faster.

Windows version
make iphone run faster

There are also a iMyFone Umate Pro, who can not only delete junk files, caches and temporary files, but also other functions to speed up your iPhone.

1. Photo mamager: lossless compression & mass deletion

Clear up 75% of your iPhone photos’storage by lossless compression, and all photos will be listed by date, you can select and mass delete unwanted photos. All the original photos will be automatically backed up on your PC before compression and deletion.

2. Managing large files reasonably

Large files drag the speed but you hesitate to delete them permanently? iMyFone Umate will satisfy both sides. It can export the videos which are over 5MB to your computer and then delete them from your iPhone!

3. Optimize your iPhone by managing apps

iMyFone Umate will list all the apps on your iPhone according to the space they occupy, and you can delete them selectively in accordance with your demand.

how to make iphone go faster

Now, the trial version is offered freely. Let's have a try now!

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