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Make More Storage Space on Your iPhone, Now!

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Aaron Donald

May 27, 2016 (Updated: August 11, 2020锛

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Don鈥檛 you hate when your iPhone freezes while you鈥檙e playing game and have made up to the highest score yet still counting on? No matter what GB iPhone you buy, either 16GB or 128 GB, the space is never enough to store a huge yet never-ending collection of your fun filled games, selfies, music and videos too. Every individual loves to make room for new fun apps and memories. Updating your iOS device requires enough space but if your iPhone is running out of memory then unfortunately it won鈥檛 be possible to proceed further. Clean up and make space on iPhone by removing the files and apps that are useless to you. Delete and get rid unwanted pictures, music, videos and old apps and get ready to gain much needed free space on your iPhone right now.

It鈥檚 the time to reveal some great insider tips of how to make space on iPhone. Now, here are some solutions that will tell you how to do.

1 Deleting Pictures or Videos

If you鈥檙e photogenic enough and your iPhone is brimming up with tons of pictures and videos then it鈥檚 the time to either move them to your PC or erase them. Because pictures and videos takes up a lot of space. Deleting unwanted pictures and videos can lead to significant amount of free space on your iOS device and it is one of the best ways to make space on iPhone.

delete photos

2 Clearing Music Files

If you鈥檙e bored of the old collection of songs, kick them away and make space for some latest ones just now. Accumulating lots of music files on your iPhone can cause insufficient storage. Usually we like listening to the latest songs, while the old songs also lay on our playlist, so the music also occupy considerable storage. What should we do? Obviously, erase the one you鈥檙e bored of and make great space.

3 Removing Unused Apps

There are times when we download numerous apps in our iPhone but we don鈥檛 get a chance in our busy routine to utilize them. While these applications have the ability to acquire several megabytes of valuable storage space on your iPhone. Besides, with the time goes by, when the apps was saved more time on your iPhone, the more cache files will appears, that鈥檚 also will take up space. Wave them a warm goodbye and remove those unused apps to free up some much needed memory and space on your iOS device.

delete app

4 Delete Unnecessary E-mail Attachments and Documents

This can be one of the simple tricks to free up space on your iPhone. Sadly, we all are aware of the fact that no iOS device comes with the option external of SD card insertion. The Mail app on our iPhone downloads and stores emails and attachments into iOS, which makes for easy searching and retrieval of past emails, however, they also will take up storage space on our iPhone.
Therefore, to make enough space you have to get rid of useless documents and attachments received via email that are of no use to you now.
This is a very useful strategy for those running low on iOS storage space and find that Mail attachments are consuming a huge amount.

delete mail attachments

5 Try one click solution: iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner

If you want a smart and advanced space-saving app that saves your precious time too then download the flawless iOS space saving and cleaning app, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Macright away. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it offers iOS users a flexible space saving and cleaning feature. This perfect tool is powerful enough to make space in your iOS device by utilizing advanced space releasing techniques that takes just a single click.
Moreover, the option of photo compression doesn鈥檛 ruin the real quality of picture but compresses them to release almost 75% of space on your iPhone, before photos' compression & deletion, original photos were automatically backed up on PC.

ios space saver

iMyFone iPhone Cleaner

  • Clear up all invisible iPhone Junk Files in just several clicks
  • Remove all useless Temporary Files to make iPhone run faster
  • Compress or mass delete all photos to reclaim over 75% of photo space
  • Preview and delete multiple Large videos to get back huge iPhone storage
  • List all installed Apps for you to preview, select and remove

Windows version Mac version

The steps of using this tool are very simple, you can easily handle it.

Setp 1. Run iMyFone Umate on your PC, and connect iPhone to it via cable.

Setp 2. Click on "Quick Scan" to do a full scan for your iPhone completely.

Step 3. Clear up your iPhone by clicking on the "Clean" button.

save space on iphone


While we are already occupied with our busy schedules, cleaning up our iOS devices manually is way tough and time consuming too. Saving time and space is therefore necessary.聽Choose 聽a single click solution. Make a smart move to make space for some more thrilling fun and entertainment in your life.

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